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IntlTech would like to present the skills and services that we offer for our customers: web development, SEO, digital marketing and ongoing tech support. Whatever you may need, we know how to do it

We are elected?

Why We Rock?

IntelTech is a marketing agency that has set a goal to change the market of web development and digital marketing in Toronto. Do you think that web developers and marketing agencies are at the technology forefront and continuously improve?

Yes, there are indeed such companies, and we are grateful to them for inspiring and motivating us to learn and develop. However, the greater part of the marketing segment for small and middle businesses offers boring template solutions.

‘Template solutions work’, they would say. To some extent, this is true, but their effectiveness decreases with every new day. The Internet is overwhelmed with advertisements, like everything else around us, and our brain weeds out similar images and slogans. An extraordinary, creative and perfectly precise ad settings turn as a result, in one number of return on investment. And trust us, statistics are on our side!

First of all, study the pains and preferences of your target audience. You cannot show the same things to everybody. These times are in the past. When you understand who your customer is, create a website that people will remember. A template site on simple builders or prepared themes is better than nothing, but will it evoke any visitor’s emotion?

The world has changed, and now, you should win the clients’ hearts not in the salons or store shelves. You should conquer them online. Due to the Internet, the world became open and transparent. You cannot hide anything from your clients, so accept it and reveal to them your real business. Make it unique with an interesting story behind, an exciting website, and an impressive advertisement. But do not choose a simple way of templates. Create something really valuable. And we will help you with this and become your support in the digital world.

That will be our contribution to the changing of the digital market. We will show the importance of unique content, creativity, and emotions.

So, are you with us?

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Our services

This is What We Do!


Brand, logo, business card, website, advertising. Each of these things can and need to be designed by our team of creative professionals. Allow us to make the appearance of your business easy to fall in love with.

Web development

We offer development of any type of website from simple landing pages to large online stores. Whether you want to inform people about your business or to provide a regular retail service.


Our goal is to bring at least $3 for one dollar of investment. This is because integrated solutions work better! Scale your business online.

Tech support

It’s a lot cheaper to have a remote technical support department then to create your own. Security, backups, upgrades, and different fixes will be masterfully performed by our skilled admins and technicians.

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Use technology and design to convert, sell, and scale online!

IntlTech unites the opportunities of design, development, and digital marketing for business promotion and building a strong brand.

When you choose IntlTech, you place bets on professionalism, individual approach, and creativity!

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