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We offer a subscription option so you can let us look after, update and improve your website.


Free technical analysis before providing a website support

If your brand-new, functional and adaptive website with responsive design takes key positions in Google search it doesn’t mean it will last forever. Every day a new interesting and modern website appears, so it’s very important to take all measures and make the website competitive, with relevant content and needed services. Complex website support from IntlTech allows you to always remain interesting for users, provide them with effective and successful services, meet their requirements and solve the actual problems of your business.

IntlTech is a digital marketing company providing quality digital promotion and web development services. We also offer website support in Toronto and in other cities and countries. Contact us right now, and we will perform a quality website analysis and make a list of suggestions and recommendations for business growth.

Website Support in Toronto: Services We Offer

Base from $700
  • Consultation by phone, email, messenger;
  • Fixing technical issues;
  • Protection from hacking attacks;
  • Regular website back-ups;
  • Website updates;
  • Up to 25 hours of expert work.

Website Support Company: the Tasks You Should Expect to Be Done

Website is a complex mechanism that requires constant updates and maintenance. In order to develop it and stay in top, website owners have to meet the requirements of optimization, provide timely website informational and technical support, and fix all the bugs and errors. If you spend money on website development and don’t continue its promotion and support, your money is wasted. The website should be always in good shape because search engines react to all changes as well as the absence of necessary improvements. The lack of support leads to losing SERP positions and even the website disappearance.

There are two ways of website updating. You can use default customization and the website will be updated automatically. However, it’s better to hire professionals and delegate this work to them. There’s a list of reasons why website support company can improve the usability, customer experience, and even increase revenue.

  1. Regular software updates. Even if you use a content management system or host with regular default updates, sometimes the website should be updated manually.
  2. Boosting webpage loading. How long can you wait until the webpage will be loaded? 2-3 seconds? Page loading speed is one of the most important factors that influence user experience. In order to save clients and provide better service, you should regularly improve website speed. You can hire web developers for this work or ask our web support company for help.
  3. Fixing code errors. Code issues should be identified and fixed immediately. This problem can’t wait, and if you want your website to always work correctly, there must be a person that controls the process. Code is a skeleton of your website and if there are errors, all web pages would be read incorrectly. Your visitors may not even be able to see the content of the page in their browsers.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. Website promotion is needed to increase the number of visitors. Even a professionally made website will be useless if the information that it contains is not accessible for Internet users. If search engines do not “see” your website, then its existence does not make sense. Even if you have a high position now, it doesn’t mean you will have it tomorrow.
  5. Creating and loading “fresh” content. If you want people to visit your site, then you must systematically add unique content to make the website interesting to read and appealing to see. Creating new texts, pictures and videos also influence your position in browser search. Search engines constantly analyze web content and if you improve it, you have leading and advantageous positions among competitors.

Website support is a reliable method of protection from unpredictable technical bugs and errors. It’s a winning solution for those who want to save money and get the “all in one” solution.

IntlTech provides quality website support services for small and large business owners. Cooperation with us is an advantageous solution for those who do business online and want to achieve more. There are several reasons why IntlTech is better than other web-companies.

  1. We analyze your business needs and build a strategy for website development and promotion.
  2. We do all website maintenance work.
  3. We prepare regular reports on the work performed.

Don’t waste your time and contact us right now because IntlTech means quality.

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