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A brand is something people are ready to overpay for. Let us create your brand and define you from others.

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Free Business Analysis Before Launching Marketing Campaigns

If you’re a business owner who’s looking for ways to promote your brand, you definitely come across such a notion as branding. What is it? And how does it work? In a few words, branding is something that makes your business unique and different from other similar companies in the market. If a branding campaign is done correctly, you get not only regular customers but lifelong popularity and recognition. The most successful branding campaigns turn companies into monopolists of markets and customers automatically associate products with these brands.

Business branding is not only about fame or the company’s reputation. It’s about big money you can earn if you have the right marketing strategy. What does IntlTech do for branding your business? The company provides you with a set of marketing and management tools for developing unique brands of products, promoting them in the market, creating the company’s reputation and regular monitoring your business development after certain promo campaigns. Contact us right now, and we will offer you one of our business branding packages, analyze your business needs and calculate the optimal price for you. These services are free of charge.


Services We Offer

Launch from $1200
  • 2 versions of the company’s logo
  • Double-sided business card design
  • Business stationery: letterhead and custom envelopes design
  • Sticker design
  • The final files to print in .ai
  • .jpg logo file with high resolution
  • CMYK file (format for printing) and RGB (format for using on the Internet)
  • PNG logo file with high resolution and without background
  • Three final versions of company’s logo
  • An 8-colors palette for the visual identity of your brand. This palette includes 3 primary, 3 secondary and 2 third colors
  • 3 photos/graphics with high resolution to enhance the user’s communication with the brand
  • A palette of two-font typography that demonstrates the visual identity of your brand; A brief guide to the PDF branding tool, which includes
  • RGB colors
  • CMYK colors
  • Hex color code for the web
  • Font names and usage instructions
Make your business outstand

Business Branding: A Must-Have Tool for Business Owners

If you underestimated branding before, we will convince you that its potential is more solid than you even could imagine. If there were two cups of coffee, where the first one is in the cup with ‘Starbucks’ label and the second one with no signs, which one would you choose? Don’t answer. It’s evident. And you are not alone here. Above 90% of people would follow your example and choose the product which name sounds familiar to them. They even do not need to check what kind of product is in the second cup, as Starbucks is already associated with a delicious and fragrant coffee drink. It is even more than enough to choose. That is how a successful business branding hits the target.

Why does it matter so much? The clue lies in the fact that the modern market develops and extends rapidly. It is overwhelmed with an extremely large number of variable products, goods, and service. New and new companies and products appear every day, if not every hour. In this variety of goods, it is extremely difficult for the companies, especially young, to stand out and grab the people’s attention and interest, moreover, make them buy their products. Offline and online advertising campaigns, special offers, discounts, and sales, promo-actions are called to promote the business and are extremely effective for this purpose, but they require continuous efforts and financing to bring results. It can become exhausting for the start-up entrepreneurs and small companies. As a perfect alternative, we suggest making the main emphasis on branding services because, as soon as the brand of your company or product will become widely recognizable, it will not demand any additional efforts to bring profit.

Let’s consider the initial actions to take on towards brand building:

  1. Determine the uniqueness. We have no doubts that the products and services your company offers to the market are unique. The only thing here is to clearly state what exactly makes your things outstand among all the other products and what differentiates them from the competitors’ proposals. If you want to promote your brand and win the audience’s heart, you have to know your strong sides and present them to the people. Do not underestimate this step. If you struggle to name the thing which distinguishes the company from thousands alike, do not surprise if the other people will do as well.
  2. Check the market abilities. Unfortunately, product branding campaign is a resource-intensive process. So, you must consider all details to choose the best strategy and reach the fastest results. In this case, applying for the help of a professional branding agency would be a wise investment of money, as they will help you to elaborate on a detailed plan of actions and choose the most appropriate marketing methods.
  3. Strengthen your advantages. Any branding company will tell you that simply stating your strong sides is not enough. You must provide proves. Positive comments and feedback are perfect evidence to present to the public and show that your company is loyal, and the clients’ satisfaction is your basic priority.
  4. Find a way to demonstrate your identity. As we have mentioned before, to become recognizable, you must outstand. A unique and interesting logo, label, bright and beautiful colors with some interesting or wise quotations to support the main concept you promote, all these things a business branding agency will help you with.

The good thing is that it suits different kinds of businesses. However, there are some general types:

  • Product branding. As it goes from the name – the main focus falls on the product promotion on the market. The specialists will do everything possible to develop the recognizable product image: packaging, labels, logo, and so on. It will increase the consumers’ loyal attitude, as in the case of Starbucks coffee.
  • Service branding. The branding companies will use different approaches than in the case of the products. No packaging or logos can help you to increase the customers’ awareness of the company, brand, and service. The specialists would have to elaborate on an additional product to be associated with the service itself and carry the advertising message. For this purpose, they would have to conduct business analysis.
  • Personal and corporate branding. Sometimes a person itself becomes the whole brand. Fenty, Chanel, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, and many others are real people’s names, which now embody the identity of the whole company.

Intltech’s Business Proposal for Branding Services

Whatever type of business branding appeals to you the most, Intltech can handle everything. We are a modern digital company and branding agency in Toronto. We offer the best commercial solutions for small and large companies and make sure you reach your goal. Our professional team of designers, marketers, and promoters will help you to:

  • develop your brand name
  • create a unique description
  • provide professional business analysis
  • identify the customers’ needs
  • create an effective branding campaign
  • launch branding

And this is just a short list of services Intltech will do if you choose to cooperate with us.

We are a young and modern digital company and branding agency in Toronto. If you want to develop a brand but have more questions than answers, our representatives are always happy to provide you with a free consultation. Do not delay it for tomorrow, contact us right now, and our professionals will start working right away!

Intltech! Your future is in safe hands!!!

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