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Marketing Analytics

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Free Business Analysis Before Making Marketing Analytics

It is possible to generate a win-win idea and start a successful business without any metrics. However, it’s impossible to continue it without statistic data and still have a considerable income. You should analyze every step and predict all changes in order to keep your head above water. This is what marketing analytics stands for. Digital marketing analytics is a systematic and complex method that allows you to determine the specific business needs, based on significant, relevant and reliable data. Unlike reports, quality analytics relies on data from past marketing campaigns to talk about future business development.

IntlTech is a marketing analytics company that can collect the necessary data for your business development. We use Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, Serpstat, and other professional services to provide you with the most accurate business information. Contact us right now and we will analyze your position in the current digital market, determine the necessary actions for business growth, and calculate the price of our work. These services are free of charge.


Services We Offer

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  • Product\service analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Consumer analysis
  • A brief report about product relevance
  • The list of the most significant external factors that influence the business
  • Business development predicting
  • Implementation of specific methods of tracking the effectiveness of marketing strategies
  • General recommendations of our experts
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Marketing Research Analytics: Why, Where, and When?

Is it possible to successfully develop and promote business if you do not know the specifics and peculiarities of the market? The modern market doesn’t stand still. New trends and innovations appear with the speed of the sound influencing the way the companies should work. Those who manage to catch the wave, grow and flourish, the others – stay overboard, and their business repeats the fate of the Titanic. What variant would you choose? If you don’t want to collect the debris of your life’s business, digital marketing analytics is not just like a lifebuoy. It can significantly turn things upside and down for your company in the positive meaning of the word. Aiming at deep and thorough research and elaborating on an appropriate business strategy, marketing analytics will considerably help you to improve the company’s reputation and increase sales.

To be honest, it is one of the most efforts- and time-consuming processes in business promotion, and it requires professional skills and experience, so we recommend hiring marketing analytics company to reach the set goals. However, let’s first consider the benefits it will provide you with:

  1. Monitor new marketing trends. Aware means armed. Constant and thorough marketing research analytics allows you to detect one of the first all new-appearing approaches on the market. You would be able to track your competitors’ implementations, compare them with your own strategies, and implement them for your business if needed.
  2. Identify which strategy works and which fails and why. Whatever digital promotion you use to develop your company, web marketing analytics will help you to track its success, determine algorithms, see the number of people whom your advertising reaches and haw many of them react to it, and so on. You understand that with its help, you will not waste time and money for a senseless commercial while you can set it back, alter, or even re-launch a new campaign.
  3. Track the effectiveness of promos. Did you assume there is just Google marketing analytics? No way. It may work in the same way with your advertising on social media and other services. Use it to control the whole process and get regular reports.
  4. Estimate the ROI of every marketing campaign. What is most crucial for you as a business in everything you do? – We know what you think! Its results. Especially when you pay money, you want them to return and earn more. ROI (return on investment indicator) is also present in the sphere of marketing as ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment), and professional marketing analytics masters will make sure that every paid coin worked on maximum.
  5. Predict results. One of the most beneficial sides of marketing data analytics is that it will allow you to make very precise predictions about the success of your campaign and development of the company, calculate the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), count the future income, and plan the further actions based on the information received.

To put it briefly, appropriate website analytics will help you to find the answers to many inquiries. You will find out whether your current strategy is successful. What are the perspectives of your business development? What are the positions of the competitors? What should you do to keep and strengthen your position on the market? How should you prioritize your investments in the upcoming months/season/year?

Intltech – the Marketing Analytics Agency

If you want to be the first to know about the appearing business trends, changes on the local or global market, track the success of your advertising campaigns and develop your business fast and effectively, Intltech is a modern and experienced digital company, always ready to guard your dynamic growth and financial success. Make sure that with our experts’ google analytics for marketing (although this is not the only service we offer: contact our office to know more), your business is doomed to develop and flourish. We are always on the alert, always ready for the new changes, always up to date. Our guys know how to monitor the market, catch the smallest alterations, and turn it to your profit. With us, you can build an effective online marketing system and boldly look to the future!

Do not hesitate, contact our support representative team to know more about the service and how we can help you to boost your business right away. We are always happy to provide you with a free consultation and answer all your questions. Don’t waste any single minute! Remember, time is money.

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