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Web Development in Edmonton

Web Development in Edmonton

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not online. Let us create the digital side of your business.

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The Definition of Web Development

Before discussing the website builder services the IntlTech team offers, it is better to learn more about the basics; essential information about website creation in the digital marketing sphere.

Front-end and back-end are the two main branches that cover the following areas:

  • Coding (or web engineering, as it is often referred to);
  • Web design;
  • Content writing;
  • Web applications development;
  • Etc.

For working on a website, professionals mainly use HTML, Javascript, and CSS in their work. Additionally, many digital marketing tools and techniques are required as well in order to make a high-quality website and grow your business.

If you still doubt that you need web development to build your brand reputation and success, here are just a few benefits you may get by using it:

  • The best user experience for the potential customers;
  • Possibility to attract target audience to the site;
  • Increased brand recognition, as well as online presence;
  • Better trustworthiness of the brand;
  • A higher number of sales and, as following, increased revenue.

As you can see, web development is not only about the visual constituent of the brand; it is also about growing the business and its success in the market overall.


Packages of Services We Offer

Corporate site from $900

A minimum package includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Catalog design
  • Custom color scheme
  • Template logo
  • CMS WordPress
  • 3 pages included
  • One functional module
  • Adaptive layout (mobile friendly)
  • Main page On-Page SEO
  • Unique content for main page
  • Lead form
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
E-commerce from $1600

A minimum package includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Adaptive cross-platform layout
  • Design from our catalog
  • Adaptive layout
  • Products navigation & sorting
  • One payment system integration
  • Products search
  • Personal user cabinet
  • Online-chat
  • GA Analytics setup
  • Quick guide and training on how to use website
Mobile applications from $5000

A minimum package includes:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Mobile application prototyping and designing
  • Unique design development
  • Synchronization of application with a website
  • IOS/Android optimization
  • Animated 3d transitions
  • Media (Camera, video, photos, 3d)
  • Search, sorting, filtering
  • Barcodes, QR-codes
  • Multilanguage
  • Chatbot integration
  • Personal user account
  • Payment system integration
  • Testing the application on different devices
  • App Store publishing / Google play market
  • APP support

IntlTech's Best Website Builder in Edmonton

IntlTech includes web designers, content makers, SEO specialists, and website builders in its team. That is why we are more than sure that we can become your Edmonton digital marketing partners and bring your company’s success to a new level!

Speaking about the site builder services, we may provide you with the following services:

  • Upgrade of your current website, or creation of a new one;
  • Web portal development;
  • Mobile application construction.

Check out details on how exactly every process mentioned above is conducted, and do not hesitate to contact our managers in case any questions about these processes appeared.

Create Your Website and Optimize It with IntlTech

It doesn’t matter what type of site you’d like – corporate or eCommerce; IntlTech can fulfill all ideas (even the craziest ones) and bring them to reality. The same with the optimization of an already existing site – we can make it better and achieve maximum success!

A website building process includes the following steps:

  1. Competitors analysis. Before defying the main features of your future site, we need to see how your main competitors work, as well as learn more about your working sphere;
  2. Creating the concept of the future website. We will discuss all the ideas and your personal preferences to know exactly what you need;
  3. Website templates and structure development. Our web designers create a few mockups of how the site will look like in the future and send it to you. Afterward, we discuss it together and add any corrections you may have;
  4. Semantic core formation. This one is an additional option, and it is very important for search engine optimization of the site. By gathering a list of words and phrases related to your business, we increase the chances of potential customers to find your company online;
  5. Code programming. Product search, filtering & navigation, rating & comment options, online chat may be added to the site as well by our professionals;
  6. Content creation. Creative, unique content is a must for achieving your business goals;
  7. Bugfix and quality assurance. Finally, we will conduct QA testing of the website to make sure it is functioning properly on both desktop and mobile versions.

As a result, you will get a well-optimized, convenient in exploitation, modern website that will only highlight all the positive sides of your company! Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Web Portal Development

Website creation is not the only thing IntlTech can offer you. Horizontal and vertical web portal development are available for your business as well. In this way, you will get an online platform with all the essential, detailed info on your business and services.

A free website builder can be found somewhere on the Internet, that’s a fact, but it won’t give you desired positive results we can offer. Our team’s work includes the following steps for proper web portal development:

  1. Careful observation and examination of your business’s concept. The detailed analysis allows us to define the strengths and weak spots of the company, as well as its target audience. That is extremely important for choosing a perfect type of website portal for you;
  2. Structure, design, and functionality development for the site. In order to make every web page look professional, we use the best website development tools. After that, our designers offer you a few versions of the portal, so you c choose the one you like best. You know what your customers want to see, so our cooperation and teamwork are very important here;
  3. Web portal content writing. After we all know how the portal will look like, unique, engaging, and helpful content creation is the next logical step;
  4. QA testing. User experience is the most important thing when it comes to the success of every type of business out there. That’s why our professionals check everything to see whether bugs, errors and mistakes are present.

By following all the steps mentioned above, we can improve the user experience of your potential clients and provide you with a ready-to-use web portal.

Mobile Application Design

Some people forgetting about something vital in the twenty-first century – everything is digital nowadays. People use their phones almost every second of their free time, check out social media regularly, and look for services and products online as well.

That’s why mobile applications have recently become so popular, and we will be more than happy to help you with this task. The process itself includes:

  1. Observing your business in the finest details. That’s important because we need to understand your working sphere in order to know what functionality should be included;
  2. Mobile application development. An iOS or Android-based application can be created to help clients interact with your products or services;
  3. Bug fix. As always, this step is required to make sure everything is functioning properly, and there are no errors when using the app.
Make your business outstand

Why Choose IntlTech to Create a Website for Your Business?

IntlTech – your digital marketing partner in Edmonton! Want to know why?

  • Our team is present on the market for more than 7 years, which makes us knowledgeable professionals in digital marketing;
  • We follow all recent trends to implement them in our work while developing your project;
  • Our team offers a complex solution to boost not just one part of the business, but its every important aspect;
  • We provide you with constant support during the cooperation, so you may contact us anytime;
  • Our customers are our highest priority! Therefore, we will make everything we can to leave you satisfied with our work.

Do not hesitate to contact us if everything mentioned above sounds interesting! IntlTech will always be here for your success.

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