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PPC Advertising in Edmonton

PPC Advertising in Edmonton

Creating databases of potential customers and informing them about your business will incredibly boost your turnover.

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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising (Like Bing, Facebook, or Google Ads)?

Before delving into the PPC services IntlTech provides, let us decipher what “PPC ad” stands for. In simple words, it is a pay-per-click advertisement, which is a mode of digital marketing that implies that an advertiser has to pay for each click on their ad.

Among a great variety of PPC ad campaigns like Facebook ads, Bing ads, or Google ads, the below-mentioned types are the most widely spread ones:

  • Paid search ads. These advertisements can be found after typing in search queries in such search engines as Google. Here is how they work: Firstly, you choose the relevant keywords that your advertisements will respond to. Secondly, you set up a maximum bid on keywords that you are ready to pay. Finally, a search engine initiates an auction that takes such factors as your website’s quality score and your bid into account while ranking all the advertisements for a certain keyword.
  • Paid social ads. These ads appear on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. They have related to paid search ads working principle, so an advertiser pays for every click on his advertisement.
  • Shopping ads. These advertisements usually pop-up in search engines, just like paid search advertisements do. However, the principal difference between them is that shopping ads include the price, the picture, and the title of the product and are mainly oriented on eCommerce.
  • Display network ads. They are shown to Internet users while they are surfing the web. Namely, people do not necessarily need to google for your product or service at the moment when they see your display advertising.
  • Remarketing ads. These ads are used to re-attract the attention of your potential customers who have once been interested in your service or product.
  • Video ads. These are the advertisements that are displayed on video streamings and can be shown to people who know nothing about your business.

Apart from the advertisements that are discussed above, you might also come across Microsoft advertising, Google Shopping advertising, and so on.

Keep in mind: While working on your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign, you might either concentrate on one advertising type or mix a couple of them. For instance, you might use exclusively Google ads to promote your business or add Facebook ad groups to them in order to reach a bigger percentage of your target audience. Moreover, while one ad type might work pretty well with a certain type of business, another one might bring zero leads to your landing page. Therefore, probably the best strategy to pick up an advertising campaign for your business would be to consult with a PPC marketing specialist.


Packages of Services We Offer

Launch from $800
  • Up to 30 active keywords
  • Up to 5 active advert
  • Technical tasks analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Semantic core generation
  • Negative keywords implementation
  • Extension customization
  • Competitor analysis according to Auction statistics
  • Analytics for AD-campaign
  • UTM-tracking.
Boost from $600
  • Up to 60 active keywords
  • Up to 8 active ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping campaign ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Forecast of the result depending on the budget
  • Regular updates of negative keywords and negative platforms
  • Protection against the “burning” of the ads budget by competitors
  • Protection of brand positions in advertising campaign
  • Weekly optimization of keywords and ads
  • Creation and basic customization of Google My Business
Rocket from $1000
  • Up to 300 active keywords;
  • Up to 20 active advert
  • Up to 5 different geolocation
  • Display and media (YouTube) adverts
  • Shopping campaign ads
  • Targeting of the target audience for different keywords
  • Usability of the website improvment
  • Remarketing customization
  • Goals customization for Google analytics
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Regular keyword updates according to search query analysis
  • Control of the advertising issues display – 300 keywords
  • E-commerce products customization in Google Merchant
  • Creation and basic customization of Google My Business

Google Pay Per Click isn’t a cheap but highly effective way to instantly expand your business. If the customer acquisition cost is lower than the margin – that’s a total success for the business and inevitable income growth.

What PPC Advertising Services IntlTech Offers?

Speaking about the PPC campaign-related services IntlTech provides, it is essential to mention that we are always ready to cut a deal and adjust to your individual needs. Here, you will be able to check out the most essential PPC solutions we offer. However, you can always contact us and discuss a possibility of other services just in case you do not see them on a list below.

Research of Keywords

The IntlTech team will conduct an accurate research on keywords that are relevant for your PPC campaigns. In order to do so, we will employ different digital marketing tools. As a result, we will provide you with a list of both appropriate keywords and negative keywords that will assist you in achieving your business aims with the help of your Google ads or any other type of PPC ads.

Generation of a Semantic Core

We will also come up with a suitable for your particular case semantic core. This way you will be able to employ it when both working on your ad groups and adjusting your landing page according to your advertisement.

Design of Advertisements

Moreover, IntlTech professionals will create a unique, intriguing, and informative advertisement for you. We will not only make sure that it will be tailored in accordance with the search queries you are targeting at but also present your product or service from the best possible side.

Optimization of an Ad Campaign

Sometimes merely creating an advertisement might not be enough on your way to success and you will most probably need to manage, customize, and optimize your advertisement after a couple of A/B testings. So, our PPC marketing experts will not only launch an ad group for you but also optimize it with the help of certain ad extensions, negative keywords, or more precise targeting options in order to provide you with the best possible result.

Analysis of PPC Ad

We will also investigate the outcome of your advertising campaigns. When being more precise, we will provide you with a detailed and concrete report on how well your advertisements perform in Google or any other search engine, including the information on the keywords we use and PPC expenses.

Other Services

Among other PPC-related services we offer are the protection of your brand positioning, the analysis of your competitors in accordance with the auction statistics, the UTM tracking, the setup and customization of a Google My Business account, the exploration of Google Display Network, the regular update of keywords, and many more. So, feel free to contact us and discuss the possibility of any related digital marketing service you are interested in, and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

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Why Is IntlTech a Reliable PPC Advertising Partner in Edmonton?

The IntlTech team might become your firm PPC marketing partner because of the following reasons:

  • 7 years of expertise in the digital marketing sphere behind our shoulders;
  • The possibility to launch your advertising campaign within the time period of 3 business days;
  • A reasonable budget for your ad campaigns with the right balance between your average PPC cost and your conversion rate;
  • Constant support from our online marketing professionals who are eager to answer all your questions;
  • The “customer-first” approach towards each and every client.

Therefore, how about relying on us when looking for your digital marketing partner in Edmonton and boosting your business to a completely new level?

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