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Free Business Analysis Before Offline Marketing Strategies Implementation

Today, the importance of Internet resources is a proven fact. We use the Internet to communicate, to study, to entertain, and to work. We spend almost half our lives on the Internet, that’s why online marketing is a very important source of getting new clients. We can see advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Google. All these methods are effective and encourage people to buy products or order services. But what about old good offline strategies? Although more and more business owners prefer online promotion, other companies still use offline channels for their marketing campaigns. No, these companies are not outdated and, of course, their owners move with the times. They use offline marketing strategies because such approaches better fit their businesses. And that’s all.

What about you? What business do you have? Have you considered any possible ways of marketing your website offline? Contact us and we will find the most optimal solution for the business promotion. Our experts can consult you about all possible risks and advantages, generate the list of suggestions and recommendations and calculate the price of our services. Don’t hesitate – these services are free of charge.


Services We Offer

Launch from $1000
  • Company’s logo design
  • Design of banners, posters, flyers, business cards, etc
  • Catchy and motivational slogans
  • Polls
  • Regular reports and effectiveness statistics
  • Implementation of specific offline marketing tracking methods
  • CRM integration
  • Cold calling
  • Video for television advertising
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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Offline Marketing?

Today, business owners belong to two different categories: those who totally throw all their powers and resources for online promotion, and those who completely ignore it and choose a more traditional marketing strategy. Who is right? And what camp do you stick to?

We are sorry to disappoint you, but if you can clearly state what plan do you support, you are not in the right way. Wonder why? Because just a balanced combination of online and offline business promotions can bring fast and the most desirable results.

No one can argue that digital technologies have captured our world, changing the way it functions and develops. However, we bet you won’t deny that still a lot of things are done offline, and life outside the Internet does exist, will you? So why neglect so many of offline marketing strategies, which could help you to increase the awareness about your company and get additional income? Let’s consider the most effective ways to make your business grow without using Internet resources:

  • TV ads – one of the most traditional means to advertise your product and service and deliver the message to a wide audience. Television is still very popular, and also such kind of promotion will not immediately increase sales, it is extremely effective in building a reputation and increasing the buyers’ awareness.
  • Printed ads – perhaps, one of the most ancient offline advertising, including postcards, flyers, leaflets, banners, brochures, catalogs, ads printed in newspapers and magazines, and so on.
  • Outdoor ads – this can be some kind of promotional messages and another type of content placed on billboards, shop windows, signboards, and even transport. It may be of great significance for the local promotion of the product or service.
  • Cold calls – one of the most recent and effective targeted advertising offline. However, it is not that easy to take benefit out of it. It would demand the marketers to develop a thorough strategy, choose correct scripts, and find the right audience, but once you manage to do it, the results will be better than you expected.
  • Radio ads – do not consider it out-of-date. It still works, and this type of commercials can also bring you additional income and so other benefits. Moreover, many of the specialists consider radio promotion to be much more convenient and quicker than, let’s say, television.

Of course, we do not say that you need all these types of advertising and must launch online and offline marketing to make your company grow and develop. It is individual, and before you start investing in any of the strategies, you have to analyze the peculiarities of your company, products, and business niche, estimate and determine the target audience, predict the potential dangers, complications, estimate the resources, expenses and expected profit, and just then, start to plan and fulfill it. The best choice will be to apply for help from professionals.

Offline Content Marketing Strategy from IntlTech

IntlTech is a young, ambitious, and highly professional digital marketing company, which offers services for marketing campaigns offline and online. Our team of the best and most determined specialists in the sphere will develop a unique and personalized plan for your business promotion. We know how difficult it is to predict the effectiveness of any of the strategies, so our guys will thoroughly investigate the market, your company, business niche, and all other components to determine and develop the right one for you. We are also aware that this type of commercial would demand certain financial investments, and unlike with the online ad, we will not be able to turn it down with a mere press on the button, which makes us even more responsible when suggesting you a plan. With us, your business and money are safe!

What Does Intltech Do For Its Clients?

If you decide to try offline marketing with our company, our experts will analyze your business and market in general, investigate the strategies and achievements of your competitors, select the best ways to promote your company/products/services, create a list of suggestions and ideas for offline content marketing, get your feedback, and after that, implement the most appropriate marketing solutions.

We will use the following indicators to conduct the business analysis:

  • GRP (Gross Rating Points). This point will help to calculate the number of times the advertisement message will be exposed to the audience within one marketing campaign. The more times people see your commercial during a certain period, the higher are the rating points.
  • OTS (Opportunity to See) helps to estimate the number of people who would want to see your commercial. In order to get to know the approximate number, you need to know the flow of people, who may have some visual contact with the text/picture during the day in a place, where you plan to place an ad.
  • CPT (Cost per Thousand) is an approximate price you would have to pay to reach a thousand of the target audience or get 1 thousand contacts.

As you may see, we offer a very serious approach to your business promotion and are seriously determined to take advantage of every coin you pay for the marketing campaign. Do not hesitate, contact us right now, and start increasing your income right away!

Trust professionals – work with Intltech!!!

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