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Email Marketing Services in Montreal

Email Marketing Services in Montreal

Creating databases of potential customers and informing them about your business will incredibly boost your turnover.

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What Is An Email Marketing Campaign?

Definition of Email Marketing

Above anything else, let us discuss what is an email marketing campaign. In simple words, it is a thoroughly thought-out set of email messages that are sent to the target audience of your business with a concrete and specific purpose.

The main “ingredients” of any email campaign are the following:

  • A subject line. When speaking about the subject lines of your email, they should be precise and informative on the one hand but catchy and intriguing on the other hand. This way, you will be able to raise interest within your target audience and encourage them to open the letter.
  • Content. Your email’s content, in its turn, should be high-quality, relevant, and creative.
  • A call to action (CTA). An encouraging and persuasive call to action is probably the most important element of any email marketing campaign. Depending on a goal you would like to achieve, an effective CTA should be clear and easily readable.

An important note: Your email marketing campaign can either consist of one email or be conducted as a series of related emails.

Main Types of Email Marketing Letters

Here is the list of key email types that are usually used in marketing campaigns:

  • Welcome email. This type of letter establishes the initial contact between yourself and your new subscribers. Therefore, it is essential to put enough effort into creating a professional, interesting, and encouraging email in order to make a positive first impression.
  • Newsletter. This email type is used to keep your target audience aware of the latest updates and news in regard to your business. Besides, it might serve as a solid foundation for your marketing campaign when properly created.
  • Dedicated email. Being also known as a “stand-alone” letter, this type of email contains the information on one exclusive offer with a very specific and focused call-to-action.
  • Promotional email. This type of letter is also called a lead nurturing one. While being pretty complex if compared to other email types, it is usually conducted as a series of connected letters that reflect your business goals.
  • Re-engagement email. You might rely on this email type in case you need to re-establish the connection to your target audience that has been inactive for a certain period of time.
  • Brand story email. Nowadays, storytelling is probably one of the most effective ways to raise interest in your business and boost your brand awareness. So, this email type can not only assist you in establishing an emotional connection with your actual and potential customers but also strengthen your online presence.

Apart from the above-mentioned types of emails usually employed in marketing campaigns, you might also come across a review request email, transactional email, sponsorship email, and the other ones.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

When properly applied, email marketing can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • A boost in your online presence, brand awareness, and customers’ loyalty towards your product or service;
  • An increase in your conversion rate;
  • A rise in the number of subscribers;
  • The growth of customers’ database;
  • Etc.

As a result, email marketing might substantially boost your business and provide you with more significant revenue.


Services We Offer

Launch from $800
  • Contact base and newsletters analysis and audit
  • Lead-magnet design
  • Content for newsletters
  • Unique e-mail development
  • Automated emails customization
  • Cross-sell/up-sell triggers customization
  • “Abandoned online shopping cart” trigger
  • “Abandoned view” trigger; “Reactivation” trigger
  • Sending promo-newsletters

IntlTech's Best Email Marketing Services

IntlTech is an experienced digital marketing company that will gladly implement its knowledge into practice and provide you with an efficient email marketing solution. Please check out our working principle and the services we will provide you with below.

Email marketing professionals of IntlTech are well-aware of how to make your campaign effective. They usually chase the following working principle:

  1. The formation of an email list. Firstly, we will analyze your database and create a unique email list that will consist of your target audience.
  2. The development of an email marketing strategy. Secondly, we will work on the investigation of your business goals while coming up with the most appropriate tactics in achieving them.
  3. The creation of the campaign’s content. Thirdly, we will design several email templates by means of a professional email builder and other email marketing software so that you will get “selling” texts and design patterns. In order to do so, we will not only employ modern email marketing tools but also make sure your letters have a high email deliverability rate.
  4. The A/B testing of an email’s efficiency. We will also come up with a couple of email templates on different email marketing platforms in order to figure out which one is the most effective and apply it later on.
  5. The selection of a newsletter service and its customization. As well, we will choose a newsletter service that will match your needs best and customize it if needed.
  6. The technical optimization of marketing emails. Finally, we will optimize your campaign’s texts in order to avoid them from getting into spam.

Here is the list of services we will take over in order to assist you in achieving your business goals:

  • Analysis and audit of your contact base;
  • Creation of an efficient strategy of email marketing;
  • Unique content for an email campaign;
  • Lead-magnet design of an email template by using an expert email marketing tool;
  • Newsletter service-related work (as for example sending a promo newsletter);
  • Constant optimization and customization of an email campaign (for instance, we will not only develop a creative email newsletter for you but also make sure it is properly displayed on mobile devices);
  • Trigger-related work (including cross-sell, up-sell, “abandoned online shopping cart,” “abandoned view,” and “reactivation” triggers);
  • Email marketing automation (together with the setup of an automated email campaign);
  • Etc.

An important note: The IntlTech team is pretty flexible when it comes to the email services it might provide you with. Therefore, in case you haven’t noticed a desirable service in the list above, contact us and we will do our best to find a proper solution for you.

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Why Choose IntlTech as Your Email Marketing Partner in IntlTech?

You might consider IntlTech as your email marketing partner for a number of reasons, namely:

  • We have 7 years of experience in the digital world and are well aware of the most practical email marketing tips;
  • We constantly move up with the times and take the latest digital marketing tendencies and trends into account;
  • We offer regular customer support for our clients. Accordingly, we will not be next to you throughout the whole period of our cooperation but also answer all your questions;
  • The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest value. Thus, we will do everything possible to leave you happy with the result of your successful email marketing campaign;
  • We will be able to choose the most cost-efficient package of digital marketing services for you. Consequently, we will find a solution for you even if you are looking for a cheap email marketing campaign;
  • We specialize in online marketing in the US and Canada so that we know exactly how to initiate the boost of your business in Montreal successfully.

So, how about ordering an email marketing service at IntlTech and experience its beneficial influence on your business growth right away?

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