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Website Design in Edmonton

Website Design in Edmonton

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not online. Let us create the digital side of your business.

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What Is Web Design?

To make sure we are on the same page, let us define what is web design and discuss its peculiarities. Simply speaking, it is a sphere of digital marketing that deals with the “exterior” of your website.

The principal elements web design deals with are:

  • The overall structure of the website;
  • Design of web pages that constitute the website;
  • The choice of the website color scheme and font;
  • Website branding (like logo, stamps, illustrations, and more);
  • Etc.

If you combine the above-mentioned elements of a website with its strong functionality, simplicity, informativeness, and creativity, you might:

  • Reasonably boost the user experience of your website visitors;
  • Generate an increase in online sales;
  • Enhance your brand recognition and online presence;
  • Etc.

Therefore, you might reasonably boost your business with the help of professional web designs. Thus, make sure to rely on a knowledgeable and expert team when working on the design of your website.


Services We Offer

Launch from $1000
  • Prototype development;
  • Company logo creation;
  • Unique photos purchase\creation;
  • Unique design of 10-12 web pages;
  • A website design development for PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Mockup for all web pages.

IntlTech as Your Web Design Partner in Edmonton

In case you are looking for experienced web designers in Edmonton, cooperating with IntlTech might be a good idea. Accordingly, let us discuss how would we come up with web design ideas for your business and what website services we might provide you with.

How Does IntlTech Come Up With Web Design Ideas?

You are probably mistaking if you think that the website design process is a piece of cake. The truth is that creating a design for your website is a complex process that includes a number of steps. Here is how it works:

  1. Business analysis. The first and extremely essential step of web design is to analyze the general concept of your business and its main features in a detailed way.
  2. Website structure development. After defining the main peculiarities of your business, it’s high time to reflect them in the structure of your website.
  3. Grid modular pattern creation. Following a defined structure of your website, our web designers will create its preliminary layout by developing a grid modular pattern.
  4. Platform and web hosting selection. Now, we will choose the most appropriate web development platform for you. By looking at the functionality of such platforms as WordPress, we will define which one will reveal the power of your website best. As well, we might help you with the web hosting selection.
  5. Unique branding design. Ultimately, we will work on the branding of your website. Here we will think of an overall image of your business by designing your personal logo, color palette, and font template.

An important note: While providing you with web design services, we will constantly stay in touch with you. This way, we will not only take your personal wishes into account but also edit a preliminary website layout in accordance with your requests.

What Website Design Services Will You Get With IntlTech?

Being the knowledgeable web design team, IntlTech might provide you with a wide range of services. Please check the main ones below and contact us in case of having any specific wishes.

Development of Your Website Layout

We will provide you with a preliminary structure of your website reflected in your website design layout. When being more precise, we will create a detailed mock-up that will give you an understanding of how will your website look like and what will its main features be.

Design of Up to Twelve Web Pages

The IntlTech team will work on a web design of up to twelve web pages of your website. This way, we will be able to create the main landing, the “Contact Us,” or any other page of your choice.

Creation of Color and Font Palette

One more vital website design service that we will provide you with is the fashioning of your color and font palette. We will create a unique set of main and secondary colors for you. As well, we will provide you with a template with a number of fonts you might use on your website and in your email newsletter.

Branding Services

One more “must” of a professional website design is its brand attributes like the main background image or logo. Therefore, the IntlTech team will gladly create it for you.

A side-note: Apart from working on your website branding, we the IntlTech team will be able to create unique diagrams, icons, and stamps for you.

Make your business outstand

Why Choosing IntlTech for Your Web Design?

There is a number of reasons why you might consider the IntlTech team as your web design partner in Edmonton. Take a closer look at the main ones by checking out the information below:

  • IntlTech is a digital marketing company that does not only deals with website design but also has a lot to do with SEO, SMM, PPC advertising, web development, and so on. Therefore, we have a complex approach to online business and take all the above-mentioned aspects into account;
  • We have 7 years of digital marketing experience behind our shoulders. Thus, you can rely on our knowledge when speaking about the professional design of your website;
  • We have a friendly customer support team that will take all your personal wishes and requests into account when working on your website design;
  • Leaving our customers satisfied with the result of our work and building long-lasting relationships with them is our biggest aim and highest priority!

So, let’s design a website that will increase your traffic, fascinate your website visitors, and bring you new online sales together!

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