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Targeting Ads

Advertising that targets customers who require or are in search of things that your business offers.


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online

Contextual advertising

it is a set of text pop-up ads that emerge on the top of web pages according to users’ search queries


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks


SEO ranking defines will customers find your business when searching for an appropriate product or service. Let us ensure they do.

Free website evaluation before running FB Ads campaign

Tired of searching for all the possible ways on how to catch profitable clients? Have launched Facebook Advertising but results are poor? Ask IntlTech for help! If you want to sell more, make the brand’s name recognizable, encourage many clients interested in your services, increase the number of subscribers, then you need professional targeted advertising.

IntlTech is a team of professionals capable to launch quality Facebook advertising for small businesses and large companies. Ready for the long-term and productive cooperation? Leave an application on the website and we’ll calculate how much does the targeted advertising campaign would cost for you.

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The price of targeted advertising depends on

According to the above-mentioned items, the price of targeted advertising services may differ depending on business type, or product specification. That is why before announcing the price list of services we deeply analyze our client’s needs and determine what professional actions should be done to achieve all goals. We offer a few packages of services for brand promotion. To check the information on what is included in these pricing plans, please, scroll down. If you want us to calculate the price for you, please, apply to our website or contact us: (800) 966-4164.

  • The number of competitors Big demands create big competitiveness. And the more competitors you have, the more complicated it would be to promote your business
  • Type of business If you sell a very special product, the audience is narrow. Thus, the process of targeting will require more efforts
  • The relevance of ads to the landing page Business process automation is a complex solution, and our experts can handle this task in different terms. We analyze, select and then apply various techniques for successful promo-campaigns
  • CTR With proper planning and targeting, the clickthrough rate can be increased in 10-30%. The highest CTR is for contextual ads
  • Geo-targeting The type of displaying online advertising due to the geographical location of the user (country, region, street, etc)
  • The time of advertising Your advertisements may be displayed at all hours. However, the price will be different

Packages of services we offer

  • Unique and creative advertisements;
  • Unique text of advertisements;
  • Building a custom audience;
  • Monthly report.
from $300
  • Unique and creative advertisements (max.5);
  • Unique text of advertisements (max. 5  versions with different calls to action);
  • Building many custom audiences with the opportunity to choose the best one + look like audience;
  • Weekly report;
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement;
  • Pixel implementation;
  • Management of your spending with a focus on ROI;
  • Retargeting;
  • Cross-platform video advertising (news feed and stories);
  • Dynamic product ads.
from $900
  • Unique and creative advertisements (max.3);
  • Unique text of advertisements (max. 3 versions with different calls to action);
  • Building 3 custom audiences with the opportunity to choose the best one + look like audience;
  • Report every 14 days;
  • A\B testing for choosing the best pattern of advertisement;
  • Pixel implementation;
  • Management of your spending with a focus on ROI;
  • Retargeting.
from $500

FB/Instagram targeting ads – an extremely effective way of customer engagement. If you know who’s your audience, of course. Rapid business growth? Still wondering how they did it? Low cost-per-lead and excellent opportunities for business expanding. No secret tactics, just professional strategies.

Why cooperation with IntlTech is an ideal solution for you

  • We analyze and select the most appropriate methods of promotion.
  • The company employs experienced experts in targeted advertising.
  • IntlTech works individually with each client.
  • We have a robust value for money.
  • Our experts constantly analyze the market to keep pace with the times.


Have questions about Facebook advertising services?

Call the number: (800) 966-4164 and we will explain everything in details or leave an application and our manager will call you back at any convenient for you time

How can targeted Facebook advertising help your business?

The Internet Space and Social Media (SM) are not just platforms for having fun, communicating, and looking for new information, for the business realm, it is an enormous field of unlimited advertising opportunities. Please, don’t argue that the pop-up ads are annoying. It may be so if it reaches the wrong audience. Just imagine that a user looks for some information that is related to your business or products, don’t you think he/she might get interested in that too? This is what we call ads targeting – almost one hundred percent hit in the target.

Now, if you wonder where to launch your advertising campaign, there are thousands of variants. We suggest the platforms, which are popular among the users. What SM comes to your mind the first? Let us guess. Facebook? Of course, such social giant is a perfect ground for attracting new customers and make your business grow.

So, as you could guess from the name, this type of commercials is targeted at the specific users and is exposed just in the cases semantically linked to the products or services you offer. They are your real potential customers, who can increase your sales and income. The only question you may have now is how to determine this very target audience. Well, this is what usually professional Facebook advertising agency deals with.

It is a quiet time- and efforts-consuming process, which implies collecting the information about the company: its priorities, offered services and products, geographical locations, its competitors, and general characteristics of the niche; and the potential customers – age, sex, marital status, job, social class, children, hobbies, leisure time activity, favourite countries for vacations, and even colors, if needed – every single detail, which may be helpful to create an interesting and effective content to attract the visitors and sell the service or product.

So, what targeting Facebook ads will help to achieve:

  • increase sales
  • increase the popularity and recognition
  • target specific and narrow audiences
  • test and identify effective and ineffective Facebook advertising methods
  • attract the customers of the competitors

Targeting Facebook Ads: the list of services we offer

If you come to the conclusion that Facebook ads targeting is just the right thing you and your business need, here is what you should expect. Once again, the first stage will include the thorough investigation and analysis of your business, services, products, competitors, and the market in general. It will require specific marketing skills. The team of professionals in IntlTechpossesses many years of experience to appropriately collect and analyze the data and determine the right target audience and do not waste your time and money. It will help to determine the right strategy and develop a plan for a successful advertising campaign.

The next stage will be dedicated to creating the actual content of your commercial – promos, logos, texts, banners, and so on. As a rule, our specialists create a few possible variants, and you will be able to choose the one, which matches your perception of the ideal ad the most. You will be able to make any adjustments and control the whole process. The individual approach and satisfied customer are our main priorities!

Once we agreed upon the content, our technicians determine the way to expose the data on SM and how to match it with the already existent post and information. Be patient, because we will have to do a lot of work at this stage: monitor statistics and make all necessary changes to optimize the whole process. You will also receive regular reports concerning the recent improvements and any alterations in the AD-campaign. The specialists will also perform several tests to probe the most effective advertising pattern to achieve your set goals and promote the business.

Ordering Facebook advertising services is a wise investment of money in a long-perspective flourishing of your brand and company as you pay just for actual clicks and visits of your profile/website and get a possibility to attract a vast number of new customers. Moreover, it will help you to:

  • increase traffic
  • develop the recognition of your brand
  • win reputation
  • get new loyal clients

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

The final price for the service will be determined by a number of criteria, which include your wishes, number of accounts, links, clicks, and the total amount of work our specialists would have to complete to achieve the set goals. In any case, our support representative is always available to provide you with a free consultation and answer any of your questions.

Why choose IntlTech?

We present a modern digital marketing company of young and ambitious marketing specialists who are professionals at Facebook commercial and targeting Instagram ads. We are the best at:

  • small and large business promotion (not scared of complications – the challenge is our second name)
  • optimization of the promotional budget (we will make sure you do not waste your money and take advantage of every coin)
  • helping our customers to develop their brands and make their business grow

With a clear conscience and 100% confidence we may guarantee you:

  • quality traffic of interested audience
  • real clicks – no fakes, no bots
  • individual approach and the best solution for your business
  • constant keeping in touch and regular reports

How to order IntlTech Facebook Advertising Services?

Decided to try our internet promotional service? – One of the best decisions you’ve ever made! Contact our support representative to get to know about the price, service, and start conquering the market with your wonderful services or products!

Entrust your business promotion to IntlTech!

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