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Contextual advertising

With a proper set up contextual advertising will show incredible results. Trust us to create and set it up for you.


e-commerce services aim to develop an online store for doing
business online

Targeting Ads

it is a process of displaying advertisements on social media, based strictly on users’ preferences


SMM aim to create content that users will find useful and interesting to share with their social networks


SEO ranking defines will customers find your business when searching for an appropriate product or service. Let us ensure they do.

Free website evaluation before contextual advertising customization in Canada

Eager to start a contextual advertising campaign but don’t know what do first? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We know how to properly set up advertising to make your business grow and bring considerable revenue!

Contextual advertising is one of the most compelling ways to cope with financial complications, start a new business level, make it stable and profitable. The main advantage of the campaign is fast launching. But before promoting your website, make it sure it is responsive and qualitative. The more adaptive for advertising your website is, the cheaper it would be to launch ad-campaign and the one-click price would be much lesser. Ready to productive cooperation? Leave the application for free website evaluation and we’ll contact you back.

Evaluate my website for free

Price contextual advertising in Toronto

We can’t set a stable price for contextual advertising. It depends on the available competitors on the market and your website, of course (how it is customized for advertising). We offer individual pricing bill for each of our client. To check the price contextual advertising in Toronto, leave the application on our website or call the number (800) 966-4164.

Packages of services we offer

  • Technical tasks analysis before launching AD- campaign;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Building the structure of AD-campaign;
  • Semantic core generation;
  • Negative keywords implementation;
  • Building clickable Ads;
  • Extension customization;
  • Creation and basic customization of Google My Business;
  • Analytics for AD-campaign;
  • UTM-tracking;
  • Control of the advertising issues display – 50 keywords
  • Competitor analysis according to Auction keywords statistics – 50 keywords
from $300
  • Personal strategy of wise remarketing;
  • Dynamic remarketing customization;
  • Projection of the expected results;
  • Protection against the “burning” of the advertising budget by competitors;
  • Protection of brand positions in advertising campaign;
  • Analysis and optimization of keywords and ads;
  • Budget management, its redistribution to more efficient keywords;
  • Tracking conversion rates and excluding not effective keywords and groups of ads;
  • Control of the advertising issues display – 500 keywords
  • Competitor analysis according to Auction keywords statistics – 500 keywords
from $800
  • Optimal suggestions generation for the website to increase the effectiveness of AD-campaign and reduce the cost-per-click;
  • Remarketing customization;
  • Planning and creating advertisements according to demands of the audience;
  • Conversion rates tracking for AD-campaign;
  • Goals customization for Google analytics;
  • Setting up call tracking for ads;
  • Dynamic search ads;
  • Adjusting bids and holding ad positions;
  • Regular keyword updates according to search query analysis;
  • Regular updates of negative keywords and negative platforms;
  • Control of the advertising issues display – 300 keywords
  • Competitor analysis according to Auction keywords statistics – 300 keywords
  • E-commerce products customization in Google Merchant
from $500

Google Pay Per Click isn’t a cheap but highly effective way to instantly expand your business. If the customer acquisition cost is lower than the margin – that’s a total success for the business and inevitable income growth. Don’t make a present for competitors – don’t give them your clients!

Why cooperation with us is a win-win solution

  • Our company workers are certified specialist in Google Adwords.
  • We will launch your advertising campaign for 3 working days.
  • We know how to work properly with negative keywords. These words’ customization is needed to exclude unwanted visits.
  • IntlTech meticulously work with payments for keywords. We always try to reduce the average cost per click as well as increase conversion rates.
  • We perform thorough internal customization of the advertising campaign.
  • We constantly track the advertisements’ effectiveness, test available ones and if it’s necessary, write new text according to targeted customer requests.
  • We analyze and correct advertisements every day.
  • Our team collect information on how to make the advertising campaign even more effective.
  • Every month we report about the advertising campaign’s results.
  • Personal team for your project of 5 – 10 specialists:
Project manager

person, who will coordinate the project and constantly be in touch


analysуs search algorithms, improves the ranking of the site


improves the quality and increase the linking profile of the website


writes SEO texts for a website according to Technical Tasks


configures and launches contextual advertising of your site

Marketing manager

a specialist whose work is attracting new and keeping engaged old customers for your business

Usability specialist

analyzes the behavior of target audience on the website in order to increase conversion rates

While setting up contextual advertising our specialists do their best to

Grab the potential customer’s attention

Our copywriters create qualitative commercial texts, that enlarge the number of clicks and highlight your advertisement among others

Demonstrate only effective advertisements

After contextual advertising customization is done, our specialists analyze the efficiency of all advertisements and identify which of them would be the most compelling. Ineffective and worthless advertisements would be deleted

Increase CTR

In order to increase CTR we use so-called “magic words” which are helpful in search queries optimization due to enlarging the number of calls to action

Reduce the cost per click

Experts analyze the quality of advertisements and target webpages to reduce cost per click. If necessary, they improves the website’s and advertisements’ quality

While setting up contextual advertising our specialists do their best to

Still have questions about contextual advertising in Toronto

Call the number: (800) 966-4164 and we will explain everything in details or leave an application and our manager will call you back at any convenient for you time.

Google contextual advertising

When launching a business project, the owners always struggle to make it as successful as possible, using different ways of advertising and promotion. There are some traditional methods like outdoor banner advertising, ads on TV and radio programs, and so on. They proved their effectiveness in the past, but now it is a revolutionary time of new technologies and the Internet. So, if you want to overtake your competitors, develop the brand, and tell the whole world about how cool your products and services are, you must curb the modern advertisement tricks, where contextual display advertising is one of the keys. The sphere of applying this technique is very broad, and it may occur:

  • during Google search queries;
  • in YouTube videos;
  • in the form of ads among social media content and posts.

The reason we are totally convinced search contextual advertising is doomed to success is that it is not a random ad, which pop-ups the users of the Internet, but it is a well-planned and organized commercial semantically linked to the content of the search query. It supposes the potential customers’ ready interest in the subject and a high possibility he/she would consider buying your products or using the services.

This type of advertising is very advantageous, as it is targeted specifically at your potential audience and is not exposed to every user. It will help you to broaden the awareness about your company, attract more visitors and buyers, and correspondingly, earn more profit.

How does contextual advertising work?

As you could understand, this type of advertisement presents some semantic piece of information, which can be in the form of a picture, text, post, or video, and is embroidered in another text. The contextual advertising placement takes a prominent role here, as the commercial should be organic with the main body of the page, and what is even more important linked to its topic. Thus, you may be sure it gets the right audience, and there are high possibilities it will bring results.

If you want to enlarge the base of customers and boost the business in a positive way, we would strongly recommend you to pay attention to this type of modern advertising. Why?

  • geolocation attachment – if needed, the ad may specifically target people, who live in your geographical area;
  • the traffic of visitors having a real interest in the topic/product/service;
  • the ad is exposed just in response to those search queries, which relate to your products and services;
  • you pay just for the actual clicks after the clients visited your website.

Of course, this is easier to say than to do, so in order to do not waste a minute from your precious time and busy schedule (we remember that time is money), we recommend hiring one of the professional contextual advertising companies.

If you have any further inquiries, want to know more about the service, its price, and what you need to may it work for your company, Intlteck is one of the leading advertising companies in Canada providing various services of website promotion, and our friendly team would be happy to help you out with any of your concerns.

Don’t hesitate!!! While you wait, others have already placed their contextual advertising and reap the benefits!

How contextual advertising looks in Google

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