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PPC Advertising in Mississauga

PPC Advertising in Mississauga

Creating databases of potential customers and informing them about your business will incredibly boost your turnover.

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What Is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

Pay per click advertising (or contextual advertising, as it is also called), is a model of online advertising that works in the following way: An advertiser pays for every click a user makes on their online ad. Here is the list of the key PPC ad types:

  • Paid search advertisements. While being the most common advertising type, it has a pretty straightforward working principle: Advertisers select keywords that will make their ads visible in search engines and indicate the maximum bid on keywords they are ready to pay once internet users click on their advertisement. Then, in a form of an ad auction, the search engine system determines an ad rank in which the paid advertisements will appear in the search results and defines how much an advertiser would have to pay. Not only the ad price but also its quality score is important here.
  • Shopping advertisements. Similar to paid search advertisements, shopping ads might appear in search engines once a relevant keyword is typed in and have high conversion rates. However, the main difference between these two ad types is that shopping advertisements also include the following information on your product: Its price, title, and description. Therefore, they are most often applied by eCommerce stores.
  • Display advertisements. This type of advertising is shown to internet users while they are browsing the web. The key difference between a paid search ad and a display ad is that the first one appears in front of people who are searching for your product or service while the latter appears in front of people who might become interested in your product and service.
  • Remarketing advertisements. In case you would like your ads to appear on the screens of people who have already visited your website, a remarketing ad campaign might come in handy. Due to the fact that its main purpose is to bring a customer who has already been interested in your product and service back, a remarketing ad is usually pretty efficient.
  • Paid social advertisements. As their name suggests, paid social ads are shown to internet users on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and so on. While being very flexible, paid social advertisements might include not only text but also a video or an image that illustrates your advertising campaign.
  • Video advertisements. Paid video ads are gaining extreme popularity nowadays, as they can appear in front of internet users who are not aware of your business so that there is no need to build your audience in advance.

Apart from the above-mentioned types of advertisements, you might also come across Amazon, Gmail, and other advertising campaigns.

An important note: Depending on the peculiarities of your business, certain types of ad campaigns might be more efficient while the other ones have little effect in your case. Therefore, it might be useful to let a professional PPC marketing specialist select the most suitable type of advertising for you.


Packages of Services We Offer

Launch from $300
  • Up to 30 active keywords
  • Up to 5 active advert
  • Technical tasks analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Semantic core generation
  • Negative keywords implementation
  • Extension customization
  • Competitor analysis according to Auction statistics
  • Analytics for AD-campaign
  • UTM-tracking.
Boost from $600
  • Up to 60 active keywords
  • Up to 8 active ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping campaign ads
  • Dynamic ads
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • Forecast of the result depending on the budget
  • Regular updates of negative keywords and negative platforms
  • Protection against the “burning” of the ads budget by competitors
  • Protection of brand positions in advertising campaign
  • Weekly optimization of keywords and ads
  • Creation and basic customization of Google My Business
Rocket from $1000
  • Up to 300 active keywords;
  • Up to 20 active advert
  • Up to 5 different geolocation
  • Display and media (YouTube) adverts
  • Shopping campaign ads
  • Targeting of the target audience for different keywords
  • Usability of the website improvment
  • Remarketing customization
  • Goals customization for Google analytics
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Regular keyword updates according to search query analysis
  • Control of the advertising issues display – 300 keywords
  • E-commerce products customization in Google Merchant
  • Creation and basic customization of Google My Business

Google Pay Per Click isn’t a cheap but highly effective way to instantly expand your business. If the customer acquisition cost is lower than the margin – that’s a total success for the business and inevitable income growth.

IntlTech as Your PPC Ads Partner in Mississauga

While consisting of a team of knowledgeable digital marketing specialists, IntlTech will gladly become a strong PPC ads partner for your business in Mississauga. Below, you will be able to check out the necessary details on our PPC ad services, including the principle of calculating a budget for your advertising campaign.

How Is a Budget for Your PPC Advertising Campaign Calculated?

Here is the list of factors that have a strong impact on your PPC ad campaign budget:

  • The level of competition in your business niche. Due to the fact that the price for a PPC marketing campaign is formed with the help of an auction, it directly depends on a number of your competitors. Namely, the greater level of competition there is, the higher the price will be.
  • The character of your target audience selection. A proper and qualitative setup of your target audience parameters influences the conversion of your ad and, as a result, its cost.
  • The quality of your landing page. One more vital thing that influences the price of your PPC campaigns and the way they perform is the quality of your landing page. When being more precise, the more intuitive, user-friendly, and informative your page is, the better performance it will have.
  • The geolocation for your advertising campaign. Normally, the bigger the city is, the more you would have to pay. For instance, an ad that targets a megapolis will be more expensive than an ad targeting a province.
  • The optimization of your advertising. The more attentively the keywords are selected and the better the target audience is set up, the more cost-efficient your ad campaign will be.
  • The duration of your ad campaign. Due to special Google ads algorithms, the period during which you advertise has a direct impact on its cost.

An important note: In case you find it challenging to calculate an approximate price for your PPC ad campaign, our online marketing specialists will be glad to assist you here.

What PPC Services Will IntlTech Provide You With?

While being a digital marketing company of the full spectrum of services, IntlTech’s specialists will be glad to provide you with qualitative assistance in a wide range of related to pay-per-click advertising solutions. Check out the description of the main ones below.

Keywords Selection and Semantic Core Generation

In order to make an advertising campaign effective, it is essential to come up with a proper semantic core. Thus, our digital marketing specialists will use a whole bunch of tools such as Google Analytics or Ahrefs in order to run high-quality keyword research and generate a unique semantic core for your ads. Only by using the selected keywords in your advertisements, you will be able to achieve maximum effectiveness from them.

An important note: Apart from generating a semantic core for you, we might also formulate a list of negative keywords for your convenience.

Active Advertisements Creation and Management

While working on your PPC campaign, we will create a number of active advertisements and ad groups for you. We will make sure that they are original, catchy, and selling. Depending on your personal needs, we will make sure that your advertisements will either exactly match your potential customers’ search queries or correspond with the broad match and work with variations of the word order.

Google Ads and Bing Ads Customization and Optimization

Moreover, our PPC experts will customize and optimize your Bing or Google ads. Namely, we will run A/B testing, figure out what type of ads work for you best, and optimize your advertising campaign up to its maximum. This way, we will drive traffic to your website and increase the quality score of your ads.

Brand Positioning Protection

One more important service we might provide you with when working on your PPC campaigns is your brand positioning protection. We will not only secure your advertising campaign from being “burnt” by your competitors but also make sure your brand position is protected in your search campaigns.

PPC Campaign Analysis

Finally, we will analyze how well your PPC campaign performs. In order to do so, we will control your main keywords, monitor the effect of different advertisement types, and provide you with a detailed report on your PPC ad campaign.

An important note: In case you would like to receive any other service when it comes to your PPC ad groups, simply contact our digital marketing experts and discuss such a possibility with them. This way, we will do our best to find a proper solution for you.

Make your business outstand

Why Choosing IntlTech for PPC Advertising?

The cooperation with IntlTech while working on your PPC ads will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Knowledgeable PPC specialists with 7 years of experience behind their shoulders;
  • A possibility to have your advertising campaign launched within 3 working days;
  • High cost-efficiency, as our experts know what can be done to cut an average cost per click and boost a conversion rate at the same time;
  • Constant tracking, testing, customization, and optimization of your ad campaign;
  • A detailed report on advertising campaign results;
  • A “customer-first” approach.

So, give us a call, order a PPC ad campaign, and experience its power on your own!

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