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Search Engine Optimization in Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization in Edmonton

Creating databases of potential customers and informing them about your business will incredibly boost your turnover.

Boost your business

Choose SEO for Boosting Your Company

You can doubt it, but SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase organic website traffic and make its reputation much better among both users and crawling bots. The second ones are pretty important because they analyze the site and decide which position it can take in ranking afterward.

What aspects matter in a website? Trustworthiness, usability, informativeness. And well-performed SEO can help improve everything mentioned above. By reaching TOP positions with the help of Google Search console tools, potential leads will more likely visit your site and find out about the services/products you offer.

Logically, if organic search traffic increases, the number of clients and sales will rise as well. As followed, it will inevitably lead to higher income for your company. And in case you are not sure whether high positions in rankings help, here is a statistic for you – 65% of users are more willing to trust companies on the first result page. Think about it – if Google thinks you are reliable, why shouldn’t they believe you?

And don’t forget about the amazing boosting of the website’s characteristics which are required in SEO. A user-friendly site has more chances to pop up on the first search page than the one which is poorly optimized and hard to follow. Thus, even if you are not sure whether SEO is necessary for a company’s success, we still recommend having at least an SEO audit for your site conducted to know how well it performs in search engines.


SEO Plans

Launch from $750
  • Up to 5 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 10 pages
  • Initial content development: 3 pages
  • Technical SEO audit/implementation
  • Analytics/Search Console Setup
  • Basic On-Site Optimization
  • Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
  • Monthly Custom Report
Boost from $1300
  • Up to 10 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 25 pages
  • Initial content development: up to 5 pages
  • Bloging: 1 article
  • Launch plan +
  • Competitors analysis
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Speed Optimization/Image Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Google My Business Setup & Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Monthly Strategy Discussion
  • Dedicated digital marketing expert
  • Website structure analysis & Recommendations
  • Off-site Link Building + Budget
Rocket from $2500
  • Up to 50 keywords
  • Meta Tags: 50 pages
  • Initial content development: up to 10 pages
  • Bloging: up to 4 articles
  • Boost plan +
  • Advanced On-Site/Code Optimization
  • Heat Map/Usability Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monthly Traffic & Goal Reporting
  • On-going Keyword Progression Report
  • Competitive Market Share Reporting
  • Monitor Competitor Link Activities
  • Mobile Site Optimization
  • Increasing Google SERP CTR with Rich Snippets
  • Off-site Link Building + Budget

SEO investment is a guarantee of getting new clients on a regular basis with minimal customer acquisition cost.

What Steps Are Needed for a Successful SEO Strategy?

As with every good plan, SEO strategy requires well-thought steps that will eventually help to reach maximum results and previously set goals. However, many people think that this process is too hard to understand if you are not an expert in this sphere.

We are here to calm you down and explain the main tasks of search engine optimization strategy. And do not forget – you can always talk to one of our managers if any questions appeared.

Keyword Research for Content Improvement

Our team of SEO specialists conducts a detailed analysis of your site and gathers the list of the most relevant keywords, which are later passed to our copywriters. They later use these words in blog posts and articles, so those have more chances to rank on the first results page.

Link Building with Well-Trusted Sources

This step is able to make the reputation of your brand a lot better. By placing links to the website on well-trusted sources, you increase the chances of crawling bots to notice it and rank higher in Google. It also gives the opportunity to attract more organic traffic because users will eventually follow a backlink to your web page and find out more about the business itself.

Technical SEO for Better User Experience

With the help of this step, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone easily – improve a website for a better user experience and make it more optimized to crawling bots that consider all ranking factors. These include well-optimized mobile and desktop versions of the site, a comfortable menu, the load speed of all pages, and various other factors.

Local SEO with Important Details about the Business

Here, we are mainly talking about Google My Business. By filling in all the essential info about your business – working hours, link to the website, address, photos, reviews from real customers, etc. It will have a positive influence both on SEO and users who locally search for professionals in your working field.

On-Page SEO

This one relates to everything present on the site itself – site architecture, anchor text, meta tags, content, and other aspects that can be considered as important ranking factors that can influence position in Google.

Off-Page SEO

If on-page SEO deals with everything on the site, off-page optimization concentrates on all the processes outside of it. For example, guest posting, social media marketing, managing the blog, etc. Thanks to those, it is possible to make the reputation of the brand better, as well as increase website traffic naturally.

High-Quality Content to Be Higher in Search Results

As it was already mentioned, after SEO specialists gather all the relevant keywords, they pass them to the copywriters so that they can write well-optimized content. The main goal here is to create unique, engaging, and useful texts that can make people more interested in the products/services you offer them.

Make your business outstand

Boost Your Business with IntlTech Digital Marketing Company

  • Many years of practice made us experienced professionals. That’s why we are able to boost the business at any working sphere out there;
  • We are sure that trust is very important for successful cooperation. So we provide you with regular reports about the conducted work, achieved goals, spendings, and other details you should be aware of;
  • Every method we use to boost your business is safe and well-tested. It guarantees that, in the future, there will be no problems and false accusations in something you didn’t do;
  • We provide you with constant support. In case any problems occurred after our optimization, you can always contact us. We will gladly assist you with anything you need;
  • Individual approach. We develop strategy precisely for your company because every business is unique and, thanks to the experience, we understand it perfectly.

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