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Website Design in Toronto

Website Design in Toronto

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not online. Let us create the digital side of your business.

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Web Design From A to Z

Before anything else, let us shortly talk about the notion of web design by discussing its definition and peculiarities. Simply put, website design is a branch of digital marketing and development that is responsible for the exterior of your website.

Being a complex notion, web design includes the following constituents:

  • The structure of a website;
  • Its layout;
  • The color palette;
  • Font samples;
  • Individual logo and other branding elements;
  • Etc.

A side-note: Depending on your individual needs, web design might also consist of other components like video production or content creation.

In order to bring the desirable results, the above-mentioned constituents of web design should not only be qualitatively done but also search engine optimized and easily adaptable to mobile devices.

Knowledgable and professional website designers might create a website that will bring you the following benefits:

  • An increase in the number of traffic and sales;
  • A boost in your online presence, brand recognition, and website credibility;
  • Satisfied customers with an enjoyable user experience while surfing across your website;
  • Etc.

Thus, a responsive, trendy, and intuitive web design might have a reasonable impact on your business and raise it to an absolutely new level.


Services We Offer

Launch from $1000
  • Prototype development;
  • Company logo creation;
  • Unique photos purchase\creation;
  • Unique design of 10-12 web pages;
  • A website design development for PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Mockup for all web pages.

IntlTech: Your Website Design Partner in Toronto

The IntlTech team will gladly become your web design partner in Toronto. Below, you will find the description of the custom website design process and the main services we might provide you with during our cooperation.

A side-note: We might not only work on the design of your website but also provide you with other qualitative digital marketing services such as SEO, SMM, web development, and so on.

The Process of Web Design

When working on a winning web design, the IntlTech team usually follows the below-mentioned process:

  1. Firstly, our specialists will run a precise analysis of your business. This way, we will define its strengths, weaknesses, and other key points that will come in handy when designing a website for you.
  2. Secondly, we will use the analyzed information to create a preliminary structure for your website.
  3. Based on the above-mentioned structure, our web designers will align the key components of your website in a logical way by developing a modular grid pattern for your website.
  4. After the layout of your website is ready, we will select a proper website platform such as WordPress and a hosting service for it.
  5. Finally, IntlTech’s website designers will work on the creation of your personal brand that will include an individual logotype, color palette, font pattern, and other branding attributes that will differentiate your website from your competitors and make it stand out.

An important note: If you have any other specific wishes in regard to the process of your website design, you can always articulate them to our support team and we will try our best to find the most suitable solution for you.

IntlTech Website Design Services

Now you know how the process of your website design creation looks. So, how about discussing the website design services we will provide you with? Please find their description below.

Website Structure and Layout Creation

The IntlTech team will construct a user-friendly structure for your website. As well, we will come up with a convenient and functional layout of your main website elements.

Web Pages Design

Among other web design services, we will be able to work on the design of up to twelve web pages for you. This way, we might develop a main landing page, a product description page, and a “Contact Us” page for you.

Color Palette and Font Template

In addition, we will reflect the “essence” of your business with the help of an individual color palette and font template for your website. Thus, you will be able to apply the main and secondary colors or fonts to make your business more recognizable and unique.


Finally, we will work on your website branding by creating a special logo design and other graphic design elements for your website.

An important note: On top of the above-mentioned services, IntlTech professionals will also make sure that the design of your website mobile-friendly and search engine optimized. As well, we might provide you with qualitative content for your business.

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Why Choose IntlTech for Web Design in Toronto?

IntlTech might become a reliable Toronto web design partner for you. Why? Check the below-mentioned reasons:

  • It is not only a web design company but a team of digital marketing professionals of the full spectrum of services. For this reason, the IntlTech team has a complex approach to the online success of your business;
  • We have been working on web designs for more than 7 years now. Therefore, you can be sure that the design of your website will be developed with the help of best practices of professional and experienced web designers;
  • Either you are an e-commerce store or any other business that wants to become successful in the online sphere, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals. Remember, building long-lasting relationships with our clients and leaving them happy with the results are our biggest values.

So, how about working on your web design together?

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