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Viral Advertising

Viral Advertising

Some businesses and products require aggressive advertising which we can provide as well.

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Free Business Analysis Before Starting Viral Advertising

Viral advertising is not a simple promotion. It’s the art of persuasion. It’s not enough to be a good marketer to create quality viral content. You have to be a psychologist to know what people need and what they would find interesting and, moreover, what they would like so much to share it with others. Viral advertising should not only acquaint the audience with the promoted product but also offer content that will interest users and encourage them to report.

IntlTech can’t reveal the secret of ideal marketing campaigns, but we know how to make quality viral advertising in Toronto and other cities or countries. Keep in mind that viral advertising services are not cheap and require a lot of effort, however, the effect is incredible. Such promos are shared immediately, bring new interested customers for your business, and significantly influence the revenue. Contact us to know the details about the service we provide. Our experts will not only answer all the questions but analyze your business needs and offer you a list of professional suggestions and recommendations.


Services We Offer

Launch from $1200
  • Competitor analysis Video duration (15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec)
  • Choosing the style
  • Scenario planning
  • Video design
  • Graphic design
  • 2d / 3d animation
  • Video voicing
  • Sound effects
  • Final video checking by experts
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Viral Promotion is Your Solution. Why?

In the modern world, the nature of advertising changes substantially. People are so overwhelmed with commercials, that it irritates them rather than performs its regular functions. So, what to do? Are there any ways to get the audience attracted by the ad? Fortunately, yes. The marketing gets tricky, the commercials become cunning, and the new methods appear. And here we go, people become the main participants and promote your brand or product. Sounds attractive? This is what viral advertising is all about.

What is It?

It is a conceptually new notion in the sphere of business and advertising, which is impossible without its best friends: the Internet and social media. It got such an interesting name because it works like a virus – fast and effectively. In general, the core idea of the viral advertising campaigns lies in creating extremely interesting and attractive content (whether a post, picture, or video), which catches the audience’s interest and makes people share it with their friends or followers. Suppose you have filmed a short video and posted it on your YouTube channel. Within some time, it becomes very popular, and people start reposting it to their accounts on Facebook or stories on Instagram, sending the links to their family members and friends. As a result, your company becomes well-known, your reputation strengthens, and products do not stale in the warehouse.

Why is This Strategy Effective?

The clue lies in its novelty and in the way to deliver the message. People do not trust regular ads they see online, on the TV, read in the magazines/newspapers, listen to on the radio, and so on.  A quite different matter is when you receive it from your close friend, colleague, family member, or a neighbor. It increases the level of loyalty, and even the ad is not perceived as a commercial.

The only trick here lies in creating really interesting, engaging, and attractive content. It is not difficult to make a video, but it may be quite challenging to make a video viral.

The modern audience is very spoiled in terms of information and content. It is not that easy to grab their attention, evoke feelings, and make them share what they have just seen or read. For this purpose, you would need profound knowledge in the sphere of psychology, modern trends, and not mention, marketing. If you do not feel you are very strong here, it could make sense to hire a professional viral advertising company. They will help you to choose and develop the type of content, which will work the best for your company, determine a target audience, and do all the technical part of the work.

Considering the rapid development of the Internet and digital technologies and the increasing amount of time people tend to spend online, viral marketing advertising can become an excellent solution for your business with minimal efforts. Catch the wave, feel the people’s mood and needs, move their feelings, entertain or engage them and they will share your post or video in their social media accounts, blogs, and online communities. They will promote your company, gain awareness about your brand, strengthen the reputation, and increase sales even without realizing it. A friendly and unobtrusive commercial is a perfect commercial of the twenty-first century.

Intltech Knows How to Create a Viral Content that Rocks

First of all, we are a young and dynamic digital company of ambitious and experienced professionals. We are sharks of advertising and know everything on how to make an ad boost your business and bring you additional income. Our guys will start the campaign with a detailed analysis of your company and business niche, market analyses, your particular needs and wishes, target audience, and so on. All gathered information will help to determine the best platform for placing the ad and its core content. Do not forget that the main point in viral marketing is the audience and the content you offer them. If it does not meet the needs of people, it is doomed to fail. So, before starting to promote the product, we will ask you to answer three basic questions:

  • Who is your potential customer: age, sex, job, hobby, location, marital status, other preferences?
  • What is her/his problem/expectation/desire?
  • How and where can s/he see your commercial?

In the next stage, we will analyze the strategies of your competitors. They say to learn on mistakes, so why don’t we take advantage of the experience of success and failures of the others? Our experts will help you to find out what promo actions help to develop and grow to your competitors, and if you wish, we will be able to implement some elements from their strategies in our promotion plan. It will help to avoid a lot of mistakes and make the whole campaign more successful and effective.

What is coming next is the most interesting and challenging at the same time – our professionals will elaborate on viral content marketing to catch the audience’s attention and promote your company. It is not an easy task, and lots of details will depend on the platform you choose and type of the target audience, so we will need a little bit of time to consider all the nuances and present you several ideas for the future ad of your dream.

Once we have agreed upon the main content, the team of our highly-skilled and talented marketers, designers, developers, copywriters, and video editors will start working to fulfill our idea in life.

The final stage before your advertising is presented to the wide audience is testing. The technicians will perform the final check-ups to determine any bugs or errors and correct them. We will also probe the effectiveness of the final product on smaller groups of the potential audience, analyze the results, and make the appropriate adjustments.

Yes, we take our job extra seriously, but we can guarantee the best results. Do not hesitate! If you still have any questions left, contact us right away, and our friendly support team representative will provide you with a free consultation to dispel all your doubts.

If you want to be the first – work with professionals! Choose IntlTech !

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