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Viral advertising

Some businesses and products require aggressive advertising which we can provide as well.


Free business analysis before starting viral advertising

Viral advertising is not a simple promotion. It’s the art of persuasion. It’s not enough to be a good marketer to create quality viral content. You have to be a psychologist to know what people need and what they would find interesting and, moreover, what they would like so much to share it with others. Viral advertising should not only acquaint the audience with the promoted product but also offer content that will interest users and encourage them to report.

IntlTech can’t reveal the secret of ideal marketing campaigns but we know how to make quality viral advertising in Toronto and other cities or countries. Keep in mind that viral advertising services are not cheap and require a lot of effort, however, the effect is incredible. Such promos are shared immediately, bring new interested customers for your business, and significantly influence the revenue. Contact us to know the details about the service we provide. Our experts will not only answer all the questions but analyze your business needs and offer you a list of professional suggestions and recommendations.

Services we offer

Base from $1200
  • Competitor analysis Video duration (15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec);
  • Choosing the style;
  • Scenario planning;
  • Video design;
  • Graphic design;
  • 2d / 3d animation;
  • Video voicing;
  • Sound effects;
  • Final video checking by experts.

Viral Promotion is Your Solution. Why?

Like any kind of promotion, viral advertising starts with the target audience. You have to know who are these people and why they should like your offers. Determine their interests, analyze posts they share via social media, find the available information about their hobbies, jobs, classify them, and start thinking about the content they would like the most.

Why this strategy is effective? There exist a few reasons why viral promotion works.

  1. People see standard advertisements every day and everywhere. They don’t believe them anymore. Viral promotion doesn’t look like advertising, thus it doesn’t irritate. If a brand is mentioned in passing, even those people who usually do not trust advertising start thinking about it.
  2. There must be something that grabs users’ attention: a catchy plot, an appealing picture or you can create a viral video. Try to evoke readers’ emotions and success is guaranteed.
  3. Use entertaining context – make your reader be impressed and engaged. If people find it interesting, they would like to share it with others.
  4. The level of trust is higher when it comes from friends. You’d rather choose the product that your friend recommends than that one from the billboard, right? Even if a person does not advise buying the product, it still attracts attention and among other similar products, you choose this one.

There are different types of viral advertising. Marketing managers use videos, different pictures, collages, games, sounds, audio files, texts, promo-actions, etc. These are just some of the viral advertising kinds and all these things work perfectly if you use them appropriately.

Nowadays, the popularity of viral marketing is significantly growing. With unlimited Internet abilities, people easily share content they like on social media, online communities and blogs. If your post is interesting, people would forward it because it affects the scope of their interests and needs. Thus, a well-made viral promotion offers some insights into the problem that the product can solve.

IntlTech Knows How to Create a Viral Video that Rocks

There are several crucial steps viral advertising company does to create a successful marketing campaign. First of all, we perform a deep analysis of the target audience and choose platforms for publishing advertisements. People will like your proposition only if it fits their needs. Answer these three questions and you’ll know how to advertise your product.

  1. Who is your client, what is his\her age, job, hobbies, etc?
  2. What’s his\her main problem?
  3. Where he\she can see your advertisement?

Competitor analysis is the next stage. Check the marketing strategies of your opponents. Every company has own strategy of engaging clients. Why not learn from them? Figure out what promo-actions bring them money and develop your plan. Consider their mistakes and don’t repeat them. Don’t be a workhorse – work smarter and be one step ahead of the business adversaries.

The next stage is the most interesting, however, it involves more time and effort. Think twice before deciding the kind of content you’re going to publish. The choice often depends on the channels of influence you use. For example, catchy and appealing pictures are best shared on Instagram but videos will get more views on YouTube.

When the type of content is chosen, our experts start developing it. Our team consists of talented and highly-skilled designers, marketers, developers, video editors, and copywriters who know the requests of modern society.

The last stage is testing. The QA department checks the quality of work and fixes all bugs and errors. If there nothing to correct, we start advertising. Additionally, we check the content effectiveness on a small group of target consumers, analyzing the response and making needed adjustments.

IntlTech is a solution for those who have great business perspectives but are stuck in the mess of ad-campaigns. Contact us right now! Why delay the prosperity of your business?

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