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Web Development in Mississauga

Web Development in Mississauga

Your business doesn’t exist if it’s not online. Let us create the digital side of your business.

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Web Development. A Brief Introduction

Before discussing professional website creation from IntlTech, let’s have a closer look at website development in general. It is understandable from the name that it is a branch in online marketing that works with developing a website.

This process includes two main parts – front-end and back-end; these elements, in their turn, contain different parts as well. For example:

  • Web engineering (also known as coding);
  • Web design;
  • Content creation for the site;
  • Etc.

Except for those aspects mentioned above, web dev is also about web applications development and boosting various aspects of the website that have a direct impact on the business’s success.

Speaking about website builders wildly used among professionals out there, the most popular ones include:

  • Javascript;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • And so on.

Not only those but online marketing tools for perfecting every nuance on the site, as well as content management systems and security configuration, are required to make the final result user-friendly, web hosting, easy for exploitation, and unique among competitors.

If everything is performed correctly and a website is well-optimized and original, a business owner may enjoy the following benefits:

  • More attention to the brand from a target audience;
  • Loyalty from already existing customers;
  • Beter brand awareness both online and offline;
  • Improved user experience;
  • Higher sales level.

As you may see, web development is able to open up new horizons for you and your company; do not wait and start your successful journey now!


Packages of Services We Offer

Corporate site from $900

A minimum package includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Catalog design
  • Custom color scheme
  • Template logo
  • CMS WordPress
  • 3 pages included
  • One functional module
  • Adaptive layout (mobile friendly)
  • Main page On-Page SEO
  • Unique content for main page
  • Lead form
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
E-commerce from $1600

A minimum package includes:

  • Competitors analysis
  • Adaptive cross-platform layout
  • Design from our catalog
  • Adaptive layout
  • Products navigation & sorting
  • One payment system integration
  • Products search
  • Personal user cabinet
  • Online-chat
  • GA Analytics setup
  • Quick guide and training on how to use website
Mobile applications from $5000

A minimum package includes:

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Mobile application prototyping and designing
  • Unique design development
  • Synchronization of application with a website
  • IOS/Android optimization
  • Animated 3d transitions
  • Media (Camera, video, photos, 3d)
  • Search, sorting, filtering
  • Barcodes, QR-codes
  • Multilanguage
  • Chatbot integration
  • Personal user account
  • Payment system integration
  • Testing the application on different devices
  • App Store publishing / Google play market
  • APP support

IntlTech as a Digital Marketing Partner to Create Your Website

IntlTech team is more than ready to become your trustworthy partner and boost your business in Mississagua. Depending on your needs, we can offer you a development of the following types of websites:

  • Corporate website;
  • eCommerce website;
  • Web portal;
  • Mobile app.

Please note that in case you’d like another type of site or require different kinds of web development services that are not presented on this page, – contact the customer support team. We will do our best and offer you possible solutions for your case.

Below, a detailed overview of the main available web development services is presented.

Corporate and eCommerce Website Builder-Related Work

The process of a corporate or eCommerce site builder is defined based on the client’s needs. However, mainly it includes the following steps:

  1. Competitors analysis. A careful examination is required for a better understanding of opponents and the way their websites are built;
  2. Website’s concept development. We are going to discuss your vision of the future site, its outlook, functionality, and other important aspects;
  3. Website templates creation. This step is important, so you can see the structure of the site with your own eyes and add some corrections if any of those are required;
  4. Semantic core formation. A semantic core is needed for driving more organic traffic to the site by indicating possible search requests of the target audience;
  5. Web design. Here, we use an immortal combo of the best concept in your field, as well as the latest trends in the niche. A logo can be developed as well if required;
  6. Coding. A professional code is written by IntlTech developers. It is also possible to develop options of product navigation, sorting and search, online chat, a private user cabinet, and many others;
  7. Content creation. Unique, original, and catchy content is a guarantee of high ROI and increased sales numbers;
  8. QA testing. This final step is necessary to fix bugs and errors that may occur in both laptop and mobile versions of the site.

Depending on your goals, we may provide you with more services to build a website. For instance, we may offer you internal search engine optimization, customize your site and create a custom domain name for it, regular online support, and so on. 

Web Portal Development

A web portal creation is an excellent variant for those who don’t see a corporate or eCommerce website as an option. In other words, it is perfect for people who just need a platform with all the key info about the brand or the company itself. Two main types include horizontal (for general use) and vertical (for more narrow coverage of niche topics) web portals.

Here’s how web portal development in IntlTech looks like:

  1. A general brand analysis. It includes not only general info about the products or services you offer; such factors as geographical location, the age, and interests of a target audience, etc. are included here as well;
  2. Structure, functionality, design formation of the web portal. A few templates are created and demonstrated to our customers, then optimized to the maximum. All the work is conducted together with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with our every step;
  3. Content creation. The team of IntlTech’s copywriters comes up with unique and engaging content to make the portal more attractive to online users;
  4. QA tests. Before demonstrating the portal to the public eye, all needed tests are conducted to make sure everything works properly, there are no errors, and that the web portal is as user-friendly as possible.

Mobile App Creation

For some types of companies (it doesn’t matter whether it is a small business or a huge corporation), online apps are necessary for more comfortable interacting with a brand and, as followed, a better user experience. For example, for groceries stores, food delivery, or any type of logistic company.

Three main steps for successful mobile app development:

  1. Business investigation. Your work will be carefully analyzed in order to understand what functionality will work best for your app;
  2. Mobile application creation. iOS, Android, or cross-platform app is designed after detailed analysis;
  3. QA test and bugs fix. This one is an essential one to see whether any problems appear during the interaction with your app. Customers’ satisfaction is always a priority for us.
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Why Create a Website Together with IntlTech?

IntlTech creative team offers various digital marketing solutions for any type of business out there. Why should you choose us? There are a few reasons:

  • We are a skillful company with more than 7 years of experience;
  • We are aware of all the latest trends and solutions to build a user-friendly, optimized website;
  • We offer a complex solution to our customers. That means we are going to not only create a site for your business but also optimize it, work on the unique content and develop the most attractive design for your niche;
  • Thanks to our experience, we worked in various fields. That’s why we are more than sure we have a perfect solution just for you;
  • Client happiness and satisfaction are our main priorities.

That’s why let’s create a new site for your business in Mississauga together! Contact us to start this unforgettable journey.

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