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Technical support

Make supporting and protecting your website our highest priority. Regular automated back-ups to save and store your data and achievements.


Free website analysis before providing a website technical support

You’re a business owner and need a functional corporate website. You hire a team of developers, web-designers, marketers to create the best website ever. They do it for you. But what’s next? The work doesn’t end here. A quality website that attracts customers requires a lot of efforts like constant SEO promotion and technical support. To be sure that your webpage meets all quality standards encourages customers and increases sales, there must be technical support that allows you to monitor client’s or technical issues, indicate and fix bugs and errors and constantly improve the website functionality.

IntlTech is a digital marketing company providing quality web development, designing, promotion, and tech website support services. Contact us right now to get a free consultation from our experts, a technical website support template, and the list of professional recommendations for your business growth.

Services we offer

Base from $600
  • Consultation by email, phone or messenger;
  • Fixing technical errors;
  • Protection from hacking attacks;
  • Regular website back-ups;
  • Website updates;
  • Up to 25 hours of expert work.

What are the Main Advantages of Website Technical Support

Web technical support solves many problems related to website functionality and user experience. You can identify and immediately solve all issues and technical bugs. It’s better if these services are provided by the company that has developed your website and knows the code and other features of your website. In this way you can be sure, the work will be done in the best way. However, if there no opportunity to cooperate with the same experts, there are several pieces of advice on how to choose a good website tech support:

  • among all companies that offer website support services, choose those who also perform web development;
  • ask about quality guarantee and refund;
  • look for experienced companies with real recommendations;
  • do some research and find positive or negative testimonials about the company you want to cooperate with.

High-quality website maintenance makes it profitable and helps to save the high positions of the top ten search results. You’ll get hundreds and thousands of visitors who will considerably increase your company’s revenue. As a result, the funds you spend on the website support will be returned in the shortest terms. Everything seems very simple, however, many factors influence the price of website tech support. First of all, it depends on the time taken by specialists to maintain and update the website. Also, it includes the number of changes and fixes made and the complexity of the technologies and programs being introduced as well as the frequency of information updates.

Many companies provide such services but we guarantee the fastest results.

Order Our Services and Get:

  • Website technical support. It includes constant website stability monitoring, licensed protection from hacking attacks, viruses, and complex functional issues. We constantly control the process and if any inaccuracy is found, it is our responsibility to immediately correct problems. There’s a team of experts who would deal with your website functionality – not a single administrator as other companies offer. Every expert has his\her responsibilities. This allows us to respond in time to the slightest changes in search engine algorithms and make all the necessary adjustments to improve the indexation of the website.
  • Content updates. In addition to functionality improvements of the website, we regularly update the content: write texts, create new pictures of higher quality or video files with better resolution and more. In general, our company consists of experts from different industries. IntlTech employs designers, copywriters, video editors, marketers and others. Therefore, regular website content updating is an easy task for us, as we are professionals.
  • Monitoring the latest Internet updates and adjusting the website to its requirements. In order to save SERP leading positions, it is not enough to perform quality Search Engine Optimization only once. The e-commerce world is constantly changing, and it requires regular updates to stay at the top and not lose potential visitors.
  • Marketing website support. Order one of our service packages that include marketing promotion and get professional strategies for digital business promotion. Marketing website support includes recommendations and approaches to implement internal and external optimization, as well as the usability of the web resource.

Why IntlTech?

  • We have considerable experience in web development, thus technical support is an easy task for us.
  • We employ experts and the high quality of work is guaranteed;
  • We take responsibility for the website technical support and immediately fix issues;
  • We provide regular reports about our work and our customers always are informed about all changes.

Cooperation with IntlTech is always a winning solution. Why not try it now?

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