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Consulting is a form of expert assistance for business owners in order to increase business efficiency and financial income.


Free website analysis before providing business management consulting

The global digital market dictates tough rules and sometimes it’s very complicated for an online business owner to keep the head above water and hold current positions. In order to “beat” competitors, increase business revenue, and encourage new clients, business companies recourse to experts who provide consulting services.

IntlTech is a team of professional developers, web designers, marketers and other experts. We have considerable experience in online business promotion because we know the requirements of the modern digital market. Contact us right now and we will analyze your business, make a list of possible offers and calculate the price of our work. These services are free of charge.

Services we offer

Base from $900
  • Existing solutions localization;
  • Regular reports and work analysis;
  • Data collection software installation;
  • Regular reports about finished projects;
  • Project optimization according to the specification of devices and software;
  • Preparing a plan for the new business structure;
  • Calculation and cost savings programs.

Benefits of Business Strategy Consulting Services

Business management consulting companies offer different kinds of services: from ready-made solutions for business development to individual strategies developed together with the client. At the first stage, we analyze a company and identify its advantages and disadvantages. Then, our experts create a solution or official offer and demonstrate it to a client. The last stage is an assessment of the solution effectiveness, calculation of ROI and other results.

Depending on the type of business, there are different kinds of consulting services.

  • Business consulting (created to solve issues of management, financial tasks, investment activities of companies, strategic planning, optimization of the overall functioning of the company, etc.)
  • Engineering consulting (this service works as a constructor of official documentation; the services are performed by web engineers to give you expert answers about the solution of technical problems, methods of their solving.)
  • Strategy consulting (the company-provider develops long term strategies for business growth. As a rule, we make a plan for the company to achieve these goals, taking into account its capabilities, existed competitors and market requirements.)
  • Management consulting (this kind of consulting includes valuable offers and suggestions on how to improve the management system of the company.)
  • Financial consulting (company’s business activities analysis and audit, financial and budget development consultations, implementation of different techniques to strengthen the financial system of the company);
  • Accounting consulting (expert consultation about new methods, the latest computer programs, and other innovations in accounting.)

Many companies also provide educational consulting, project consulting, tax consulting, etc.

Consulting Services from IntlTech

Among other firms in Toronto, IntlTech offers its customers the widest range of professional services. When working with the customers, we go through such stages:

  • business problem definition;
  • creating a contract with a client;
  • data collection, competitive analysis;
  • optimal solutions development for improving company performance;
  • implementation of ready-made decisions for business growth;
  • effectiveness evaluation of the work performed
  • payment for services.

Collaboration with our company is the most profitable investment in the future of your business. Contact us right now and be one step closer to your company’s successful future.

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