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Why is a website ineffective without SEO promotion and contextual advertising on Google?

April 16, 2020

Nowadays, every business must have its own website and if you still don’t have it then order a website development. Website is a face of business and if you want to become popular on the Internet then you need to do everything so that future clients will be able to know about your company. At the moment of writing the article, there are more than 1 billion of websites on the Internet. It will be very difficult for your future potential client to find your website, if you don’t use SEO promotion or if you don’t set up contextual advertising. Let’s consider what SEO optimization and promotion are and how they influence a website.

SEO promotion of a website on the Internet

SEO (Search Engines Optimization) – is a complex of actions of specialists, the aim of which is to increase the visibility of a website in the results of search engines in accordance with target request. If you know the main list of key requests, which are of primary importance at your work then you can give this list to a company, which will order the promotion of a website. It can make their work easier and you will be able to see the increase of website visibility in accordance with target requests which are necessary for you as soon as possible.

The service of website promotion is perfectly suitable for those people who want to bring their business to the first place on the Internet and increase the profit from online-clients. The main advantage of SEO website promotion is that results of a search engine are not considered by users as an advertisement and this means that trust in them is much higher, in comparison with websites which use contextual advertising. However, contextual advertising has its own advantages, which we will discuss later.

At present, both SEO promotion and contextual advertising are considered to be the most effective types of advertisement. Advertisements on transport, billboards, TV, radio, etc. are becoming less and less relevant. This is because people have started looking for information and services on websites and on social media networks. The so-called offline advert is also bad because it is much more expensive and it doesn’t worth it. SEO optimization in comparison with offline advert will increase brand recognition significantly, attract more constant clients into your business and increase the volume of the sales of services or goods greatly and this, in its turn, will increase the profit of a company.

A lot of companies say that single SEO optimization of a website will be enough to obtain a stable expected result, but it is not true! It is necessary to remember that the competition on the Internet is also present the same as offline and if offline you hire people for an appropriate positions then for online business a person or a team of specialists who will run your business are also needed. It is also important not to forget that competitors can use SEO optimization for their websites too, therefore, to be competitive and overtake them in search engines without SEO promotion and contextual advertising it is impossible.

There are cases when optimization and promotion of a website are held incorrectly, then a website gets under negative filters of Google and can disappear from the search engines. Therefore, Search Engines Optimization must be conducted only by qualified specialists who know what they do and you will not need to correct mistakes after some time. Such experts work in digital agency IntlTech (Intelteck). We have only qualified specialists, who know everything about SEO optimization and promotion of a website in different directions. We always can provide approximate prediction about monthly attendance and conversion, which will be reached if you order SEO optimization and promotion of a website.

Stages of work of our specialists during SEO optimization and promotion of a websit

  1. Inside promotion. The website visibility in a search engine increases significantly if the following points are carried out:
    • Conduct inside optimization of a website (technical correction of a website code and creation of microformat for search engines);
    • Form semantic core of a website (search and analysis of search queries, which are needed to promote your website to TOP Google);
    • Analyze and fill the website with qualitative content (add new content during the whole period of collaboration);
    • Conduct logical construction of a structure for internal links on a website;
  2. Outside optimization.
    • Work with outside optimization of a website (analysis of competitors);
    • Work with guest posting (publication of articles on thematic websites with links to your website);
    • The popularization of brand thanks to crowd links (publication of feedbacks about a company on thematic forums with links to your website);
    • Composition of anchor text (analysis, composition, and placing of allowed anchor links on a website for guest posting);
    • Obtaining of qualified links from trusted resources (placing of a website on the verified catalogues).

Contextual advertising and its advantages

Contextual advertising is a kind of advertisement in a search engine. This advertisement is shown after certain search queries, which are used by users. Contextual advertising is considered to be the fastest way to tell clients about a website and start earning from sales of goods or providing services as soon as possible. The main advantages of contextual advertising are the following:

  1. Speed: attraction of a big number of potential clients from the first working day of a website;
  2. Universality: it is possible to set up contextual advertising for almost any goods and services;
  3. Effectiveness. Advertisement from the advertising campaign is seen by users who are interested in buying certain goods or services because it is shown only those users who type searching queries necessary for your target.
  4. Accuracy. Due to good and informative advertisements, it is possible to eliminate uninterested visitors;
  5. Payment of a result. Payment is conducted only for visiting of a website and you don’t need to pay for placing of an advertisement or for a number of displays.
  6. Flexibility. It is possible to edit an advertisement, change the price for clicking and a list of keywords, etc. at any time.

The main differences between SEO promotion and contextual advertising

  1. Terms for expected result.
    • A good result from SEO will be approximately after 6-8 months.
    • Contextual advertising will bring new visitors on a website immediately after launching of advertisement campaign.
  2. Inertness of processes.
    • There will be the stable flow of visitors on a website in case of SEO optimization
    • The flow of visitors will decrease sharply if you stop paying for an advertisement.
  3. Prospect of a website.
    • Thanks to SEO promotion, a website will be developing constantly. It lets attract new target clients in search engines all the time.
    • In case of contextual advertising, a website doesn’t develop and there will be a result only if you are ready to pay for every visit on a website.
  4. Simplicity of management. Both SEO and contextual advertising are difficult to manage if there is no qualified experience of such work, that is why it is better to entrust this task to specialists.
  5. Flexibility.
    • In this case, SEO promotion loses, science, is you want a person to see a necessary webpage, you need to spend nearly 1-2 months for promotion of this webpage. However, SEO promotion will be much more beneficial if you want to sell certain services.
    • To sell a product which stood too long will be faster and cheaper with the help of contextual advertising, as visits of a necessary webpage of goods occur immediately after launching of an advertisement.
  6. Stability. Contextual advertising in comparison with SEO is more stable but more expensive at the same time. Stability of contextual advertising is that SEO promotion depends on the algorithm of search engines, which can change in a period of 1-2 years.
  7. Budget.
    • SEO promotion and optimization will be cheaper. One visit of a website will be <0,02$* during SEO promotion.
    • Clients from contextual advertising are more expensive. For 1 visit of a website from an advertisement, you can pay >1$*.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. To get the top result, we recommend to use both contextual advertising and SEO promotion, if the budget of a company allows to do it. In another case, only after individual analysis of your company and competitors, we can say what will suit specifically your business.

IntlTech (Intelteck) company is ready to run your business on the Internet, so if you are interested in collaboration or you have any questions, please contact us (our contacts).

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