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What Are the Common Aspects of Good Web Design?

November 17, 2021

The average time an Internet user spends on an unknown website before deciding whether it is something reasonable or not equals ten seconds, so every business has to invest enough time and effort in the quality of its website. Only this way, new customers might be attracted and encouraged to buy something from you.

One of the keys to a top-quality website is its intuitive and good-looking design. But what are the common aspects of a good web design? Let’s check it out together!

P.S. If you are not an expert in creating a website design, one reasonable option would be to let it be done by experts in a digital marketing sphere.

What Is Website Design?

Website design is a part of digital marketing that includes the actions that define the way your website will look like. In other words, it is a branch of web development that deals with the design of a website’s visual elements.

While being a pretty complex notion, professional website design includes the following elements:

  • Layout and structure of a website;
  • Design of web pages;
  • Font and color scheme that is used on a website;
  • Branding (including the original logo and other elements of brand design);
  • Etc.

P.S. Not only the overall outlook plays an important role when it comes to the way your website performs but also the content on it and its search engine optimization.

What Benefits Might a Good Web Design Bring?

What Benefits Might a Good Web Design Bring?

Professional, user-friendly, and thoroughly thought-out web design might provide you with a whole bunch of benefits, such as:

  • Strong online presence and visibility of your brand;
  • The profound level of trust towards your company;
  • Positive first impression and user experience of your website visitors;
  • Higher positions in search ranking;
  • The proper displaying of your website on both desktop and mobile devices;
  • A “selling” landing page;
  • New leads and, as a result, increased revenue;
  • Etc.

As a result, an effective website design might not only accelerate the development of your business but also bring you new sales.

What Common Aspects Make a Modern Web Design Good?

When discussing the most important elements of a modern web design, it is essential to take the following ones into account:

  • Minimalistic Design. These days, a good website should be simple and basic. In other words, it should not be overloaded with unnecessary information and the full palette of colors. Otherwise, it is preferable to keep only the most essential information and leave enough white space on a website. Moreover, try to choose a minimalistic font size and style, and stick to three colors when choosing a website color scheme;
  • Focusing on User Experience. Another key aspect of website design in 2021 is its concentration on ways to enhance user experience. Thus, a great website design has to be mobile-friendly (its layout should be adaptable to mobile phones and tablet devices), accessible, and quickly responsive. Please keep in mind that more than half of the overall traffic comes from mobile devices these days, so it is crucial to make the design of your website as portative devices-friendly as possible;
  • Flat Design Technique. This aspect is partially related to the above-mentioned taste for minimalism. Unlike skeuomorphic designs that were extremely popular a decade ago, the flat design technique has already become widely spread and serves as an indicator of professionalism and good taste. So, ask your web developer and designer to keep the design of your website clean, clear, and simple;
  • Presence of Hero Images. Since personalized storytelling is one of the most efficient ways to sell your products or services these days, hero images have rapidly entered the latest trends of contemporary web design. They do not only attract your potential customer’s attention but also help you gain trust and your brand’s uniqueness;
  • Placement of CTA Buttons. Other website design elements that would help your website look attractive are the so-called CTA buttons (or, as they are often called, calls-to-action). With their help, you will be able to encourage your potential customers to perform a certain action, such as buy from you, subscribe to your email newsletter, run a free demo of your service, or check out more details on your product. Here, please make sure that the visual appearance of the CTA button on your website is clearly visible and is not surrounded by any distraction factors;

P.S. One contrary to the placement of CTAs trend of contemporary web design is the presence of the so-called “ghost buttons.” Unlike typical CTAs, ghost buttons are rather transparent and might melt with the background of a website. Still, they serve as efficient primary calls to action. Moreover, some web designers use the technique of putting standard CTAs and ghost buttons side by side and, thus, providing website visitors with a possibility to choose what option should they go for.

What Rules Should an Effective Website Design Follow?

As well, another key to the success of an effective website design is to make it correspond with the following rules:

  • A website should make the reader want to stay on a webpage and check it out. In other words, the web design has to be readable: It should be split into tiny and highlighted chunks of information, and include a variety of catchy visual elements throughout its white space. It does not mean that the only way to attract the user’s attention would be to display large product images on your website (although their placement becomes more and more trendy these days). However, please make sure that your landing pages capture the attention of your potential customers;
  • A website should be functional. Remember, the high level of your website’s functionality is a factor that would make its visitors interact with it. Thus, make sure that your web design is responsive and intuitive;
  • A website should reflect professionalism and boost trust. In our digitalized world, a professional website is the face of your company. Therefore, a website design can either increase the level of trust towards your business or, vice versa, prevent your potential customers from making a purchase. Thus, make sure that your website looks professional enough to make your potential customers trust you.

The above-mentioned rules of a great web design are merely the central ones. However, please keep in mind that such things as clean backend coding, SEO optimization, and speed optimization also belong to key elements of a successful website and can assist you in overcoming your main competitor’s site in search engines.

A Bottom Line

All in all, there exists a whole bunch of aspects that define whether a web design is good or not. Therefore, please take them into account and reveal the power of a professionally designed website!


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