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Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Important for Business?

February 26, 2021

SEO specifically for your business - IntlTech It is a well-known fact that SEO is a must for those who want to reach the TOP positions in Google. But how does it work? What are the basic steps? What is included? Especially for people who are going to boost their website with the help of SEO.

So, we’ve prepared a quick and easy guide with all the necessary and important information. Enjoy!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) — the website’s improvement for search engines and users, which lays in internal (everything related to the website pages) and external (increasing trustworthiness for the search engine) optimization. SEO website promotion is one of the most profitable internet marketing tools. Qualitative website promotion in Google search engines will allow you to be on the TOP search results for your business’s most popular and relevant queries. The final goal for SEO is to involve the target audience and convert them into target actions.

What Services does it Include?

1. Target Semantics

  • Careful keyword selection with a focus on commercial queries to achieve maximum visibility.

2. Comprehensive Reports and Suggestions

  • Providing you with complete information on the results and offer ways to improve joint activities’ efficiency.

3. Website Optimization and Audit

  • Meta-tags optimization, technical audit, content audit, and the website’s external profile and links quality audit.

4. Organic Linkbuilding

  • Finding the most targeted resources for effective external SEO.

5. Technical Error Control

  • Tracking changes or deletions of important SEO-elements and warning about that in time.

6. Constant Information Support

  • Substantiating all our actions, listen to your suggestions, and choose the most effective solution.

7. Competitors Analysis and Tracking the Trends

  • The main marketing rule is to be in trend. Professionals are always aware of what kinds of tasks are conducted by your competitors.

8.Transparency of Actions

  • Providing all access to advertising accounts and analytics without hiding the achievements and costs.

Expert SEO services - IntlTech

Types of SEO Services

 SEO – a comprehensive service aimed to achieve the goals. It includes:

  1. Technical optimization of the website;
  2. Internal website optimization;
  3. External website optimization;
  4. Web analytics;
  5. Systematic competitors analysis;
  6. Systematic marketing recommendations for website improvement;
  7. Promotion strategy adjustment;
  8. Content marketing strategy. PR strategy on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization - IntlTech

Each element is interconnected and has a significant impact on the website’s position in Google search engines!

Internal Optimization of a New Website

Website Promotion in Google Search Engines - IntlTech To make the website convenient, enjoyable for the customer, and encouraging to buy, it is important to carry out a number of internal optimization actions.

Internal optimization of a new website guarantees:

1. Increased Usability

The goal of website usability improvement is to make it as understandable and user-friendly as possible.

2. Content Optimization

Content optimization is related to its filling: the content on the website should be useful and interesting for both regular users and search engines.

3. Adaptation to Algorithms

The website is adapting to the search engine’s requirements. There are image optimization, code editing, and increasing page load speed.

SEO Audit

It includes marketing audit and website analysis; explore positions in search engines; analyze the number of pages in the index, the number and quality of external links, the main metric characteristics, and compare the data with competitors. Based on the collected statistics, you will be provided with a valuation and recommendations on the correct keyword distribution on the website’s URL, the creation of meta tags, and the use of HTML-markup, etc.


Website Optimization - IntlTech The price of SEO services is determined individually based on several factors:

  1. Business type (e-commerce/not e-commerce)
  2. The goals for the SEO manager
  3. Business topic and competition level
  4. Number of trade groups and sections to be promoted
  5. Peculiarities of the website and its structure
  6. Quality of website content as a whole (or lack thereof)

1. Hourly Rate

Payment is made based on the number of hours spent by the manager in the reporting month on the point tasks. These hours are delineated. They are determined upon application receipt for a specific task. With this way of interacting, we do not take responsibility for comprehensive SEO and visibility.

2. Package Payment

Payment from month to month doesn’t change, it is fixed with a stipulated plan for the project to achieve the goals. You will always know how much you need to pay for an SEO optimization service. The amount of hours is determined based on the amount of work and goals. This kind of payment is the most convenient.

Website Promotion in Search Engines - IntlTech

Stages of Work during the Website Promotion in Search Engines

Preparatory Work

  1. Setting the client’s expectations and main tasks received from the client after filling in the brief and conversation with the manager.
  2. Registration of your website in the Google Search Console.
  3. Formation of technical files: website maps and robots.txt files.
  4. Checking for search engine sanctions.
  5. Assessment of the scale of the current optimization level.
  6. Defining the goals and tasks of the project. KPI system formation.
  7. Installation and configuration of Google Analytics.

SEO - IntlTech Competitive Market Analysis

  1. Competitors analysis in organic search results, their specifics, and peculiarities in general.
  2. Advancement tactics formation, taking into account the received data.

Work with Semantic

  1. Selection of key queries and semantic core formation.
  2. Keyword segmentation and grouping.
  3. Defining landing pages (according to the existing site’s structure) or the need to create new ones.
  4. Coordination with the client.

Internal Optimization

  1. A detailed audit of the website’s technical component and usability. Recommendations formulation for improvement and a list of works must be performed (technical and content components).
  2. Assessment of the existing structure of the website and recommendations for its change (if necessary).
  3. Unique SEO meta tags and their templates for all website pages.
  4. Content plan for the landing page.
  5. Writing unique texts according to agreed keywords that meet the requirements of quality content. Adding them to the website pages (WordPress website) or sending the finished list to the client.
  6. Internal crosslinking of website pages.
  7. Image optimization – setting tags manually or by templates (alt, title).

Types of SEO Services - IntlTech External Optimization

  1. Competitors’ links profile analysis.
  2. Defining a strategy for external optimization.
  3. Working on increasing the authority of the website by purchasing eternal links, articles, press releases.
  4. Manual registration of the website on thematic and general websites and portals (upon agreement of this service by the client).

Ongoing Results Monitoring and Support

  1. Systematic analysis and monitoring of all SEO and KPI indicators of the website.
  2. Adjustment of the ways of the defined strategy and action plan for promotion in the search system (in the process).
  3. Tracking the results of the changes.


  1. Report on the website positions in search engines for keywords of the semantic core. Visibility indicator.
  2. Report on the work performed for the month, including general data on traffic from organics and dynamics, KPI data, examples of posted links.
  3. Quarter report – every 3 months with competitors analysis and recommendations.

Website Promotion in Search Engines - IntlTech

That’s all on the basic info. But if you still have questions on using SEO specifically for your business, we have one simple solution. Let’s discuss the terms of SEO optimization for your website? Just leave the request on our website and grow your business with expert SEO services. Good luck!


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